Want that jukebox in your Garrison? This is what you do..

So when 6.1 comes out you probably want to pimp up your Garrison asap with a jukebox in which you can choose different songs in your Garrison. So I made a guide how to achieve that. 

Start by accepting the quest “Bringing the Bass”. This guy is at your garrison, you can’t miss him since there is a quest mark to accept on the mini map. If you don’t see it, double check your q log because it would probably be there.

As you can see there are 5 items needed to complete the quest.
- Bass Blaster
- Laz-tron Disc Reader
- Phonic Amplifier
- S.P.R.K Capacitator
- Cord of Ancient Wood

1) P.R.K Capacitator North Talador

This is the first item to get. It’s located in Talador. Go to Arunal Coast (see map) and kill an Iron Shredder robot. I got the loot on first drop.

2) Phonic Amplifier – North Spires of Arrak (Skettis)

This item is little tricky, It took my 20 min before I figured it out. Since the mark is on a big mountain it can be tricky. It’s on the north side of that area (Skettis, same area where there is an Apexis daily quest, killing arokka mobs), see map. 

 In this case, you kill a Stalwart Warden robot. I got the drop on the first loot.

3) Laz-tron Disc Reader - Spires of Arak (south part)

This item lies on the south part of Spires of Arak (see map). Go to the biggest building in Pinhwhistle point, then fight your way up to the second floor and loot the chest.

Biggest Building

2nd floor

4) Bass Blaster – Nagrand (Ring of Blood area)

Nagrand is the next destination. Head to The Ring of Blood/Gorian Proving Grounds (see map). Go all the way to the northeast side until you see a building (has a dailie pet quest guy inside). DO NOT GO IN. Head to the right side of it, you will see 2 Ogres dance. Steal the boom blaster cool

5) Cord of the Ancient Wood -  Gorgrond (Everbloom)

The last part is the Cord of Ancient Wood, which is in Gorgrond. Is in Everbloom wilds. Kill a big tree (Lumbering Ancient) and loot it. I got it on the first loot.

Now go deliver the quest and get your Garrison JukeBox! PS: dont forget toopen the bag with extra tunes laughing

Hope this guide helped you

26 Jan 2015