Full Guide: Farm Korthite Crystals

Korthite Crystal is a reagent used for crafting an optional reagents for upgrading legendary gear. 

This guide covers where you get Korthite Crystals from. If you wonder what it is used for, check out the legendary crafting for 9.1 here.

Korthite Crystal is not bind on pickup. You can trade it and sell it at the action house. This is an item that many players want during a long time in 9.1. 

In general, you get Korthite Crystals from two main sources:

  • Rewards that are 100% Korthite Crystal
  • Loot that has a chance on giving you Korthite Crystal

100% Korthite Crystals

Each week, you can complete following that will 100% give you Korthite Crystal. Completing all will give you 5-7 Korthite Crystal each week.

  • Daily quests (2-4 Korthite Crystals)

    There is a daily quest that comes up two times a week and rewards 1-2 Korthite Crystals.

  • Weekly Assaults (2 Korthite Crystals)

    Each week we get two assaults that lasts 3 ½ day each.
    Assaults are when two covenants team up and fights in the Maw. Your task is to complete 4 quests and a final quest for them.
    Completing an assault rewards you with a War Chest that has 1 Korthite Crystal.

  • Weekly Quest (1 Korthite Crystals)
    There is a weekly quest called “Shaping Fate” in Korthia that requires you to do activities (kill rares/loot chests/kill mobs etc) in Korthia that increases a percentage bar. Once you have it at 100% you complete the quest.
    Completing the weekly quest rewards you with a Death´s Advance War Chest that has 1 Korthite Crystal.

Chance on looting Korthite Crystals

There are different chests and treasures in Korthia some of them can have a chance on looting a Korthite Crystal.

  • Shardhide Stash (1 Korthite Crystals)
    These looks like stone rumbles on the ground. When mouseover it shows that you can mine it. Don´t be fooled, you don´t have to be a miner to do it.
    This treasure has a good chance on looting a Korthite Crystal.

  • Chests (1 Korthite Crystals)
    There are chests in Korthia that have a chance on looting a Korthite Crystal. But the chance on looting one is much smaller compared to the Shardhide Stash.

  • Rift Chest (1 Korthite Crystals)
    Once you can enter rift portals, there are rift chests scattered in Korthia that have a chance on looting a Korthite Crystal.

Other ways

  • Small Korthian Supply chest (2 Korthite Crystals)

    This chest is a reward from a quest item that I found in a rift chest. The quest is called Stolen Korthian Supplies. The chest rewarded 2 Korthite Crystals

Amount of Korthite Crystal in One week

I recorded how much Korthite Crystal I got during one week.

Day 1

  • Daily quest: 2
  • Chest: 1
  • Weekly assault (War Chest): 1

Day 2

  • Death´s Advance War Chest: 1

Day 3

  • Nothing

Day 4

  • Treasure (Shardhide Stash): 1

Day 5

  • Weekly assault (War Chest): 1

Day 6

  • Daily quest: rewarded 2

Day 7

  • Rift chest: 1
  • Treasure (Shardhide Stash): 1



7 Korthite Crystal from 100% Korthite Crystals sources.

4 Korthite Crystal from chests/treasures

2 Korthite Crystal from “Other ways”

In total: 13 Korthite Crystals in one week

22 Jun 2021