Fastest way to gear up in Battle for Azeroth (BFA)

When you ding max level, your ilvl will be around 280 ilvl.
Here comes the fastest way to gear up and have your character ready to mythic plus and raids.

  • Warfront – gear and Azerite gear
  • Emissaries (gear and Azerite gear)
  • World Quests
  • World boss
  • Dungeons (filler, especially rings/trinkets/weapons)

Once you have geared up to 330+, you can start mythic+ runs and get ready for raiding.

Now, here is the detailed information for each part:


This is a new cool content in BFA. For more info and guides, check my Warfront page:

This warfront content needs to be unlocked. You unlock it through the War Campaign. Check my War campaign guide:

Warfont Rewards

The first quest you do when you enter warfronts will reward you a 370 ilvl gear.

Honorbound Centurion (Horde)
7th Legion (Alliance)

The ilvl you get from Warfront is 340+(except for weapons)
Azerite gear 340 as well.
This can become Titanforged (I got a 355 with a socket)
This can also become socketed “Warforged”



Weapons is 280.

Arathi Highlands

You enter Arathi Highland after you win Warfront. When the timer of warfront has expired, you can take a portal to arathi (Argorok for horde and Stromgarde for alliance). The portal is next to the Warfront war table. 
You will get several quests and each quest rewards reputation.

There are loads of Rare mobs there that rewards 340 ilvl loot. 
Make a five man group and go farm. 
You can do it in a raid but then you cannot do the quests there. 

There is also a world boss there that drops 370 ilvl loot. 


To complete an emissary quest, you have to complete 4 (sometimes 3) world quests for a certain faction. On the bottom right corner on your map you will see what faction it is for that period and what the rewards is. Each Emissary quest will be available for three days.

The ilvl rewards is 345.

World Quests

These are quest that are available during a certain time that have different rewards and also rewards reputation.
World quests are divided in difficulty to be completed
The time point a quest available is dependent on the difficulty to be completed and they are divided (black, blue, purple).

The gear ilvl reward is based on your character average ilvl.
The ilvl cap seems to be 330. 

World boss

World boss in BFA will most likely be in the same way as Legion. Meaning, you will have one world boss per week (in the beginning of BFA). This world boss requires a raid to defeat it.
You will have a chance on loot that has 355 ilvl reward.
The world boss in Arathi when havoing warfronts gives 370 ilvl. 
You will also be able to use extra bonus roll loot (Seal of Wartorn fate) which you can buy 2 of each week.


You should check on the dungeon journal for what gear you need, especially when it comes to gear that you don´t get form warfronts (trinkets, rings).
Also, weapons from warfronts have 280 ilvl.

Normal mode dungeon rewards 310 ilvl.
Heroic mode dungeon rewards 325 ilvl.
Mythic 0 mode dungeon rewards 340 ilvl.

Check what your average ilvl is and see what dungeon difficulty fits you/your character.


29 Jun 2018