Full Guide: Warfronts

What is warfronts

Warfront is a 20 man PVE scenario that will take place in Arathi Highlands: Stromguarde, in which your faction will attack the area and NPC will defend it.

Once attacked and taken control of, your faction will be in control of it for 2-3 days.

During these days, opposite faction must gather resources to the war efforts and prepare for taking it back again (scroll down to check how that works). 

When the faction has gathered enough, they can que up for warfronts and start taking over, which they will do the week after they lost it.

Having control of the area will grant you access to quests that rewards war resources, and a world boss and loads of Rare spawns that you need a party to kill, that rewards pets and mounts. 

There will come more locations in Azeroth in which Warfront scenario will take place later on in the expansion.

How does Warfront work

  • The Alliance starts with ownership of Arathi Highlands, and Horde players challenge them by contributing professions items, gold, and War Resources to help their faction build up enough strength to attack. This is a region-wide effort.
  • Once enough contributions are supplied by the region, the Warfront: Battle for Stromgarde unlocks and Horde players are able to queue for the experience. This queue remains open for a set duration, allowing players to complete the Warfront on a schedule that works for them.
  • After the Horde attack is complete, the Horde takes control of Arathi Highlands, giving them access to a unique World Boss and a series of rare spawns and other rewards only available during the period when their faction owns the zone.
  • The Alliance then begins contributing resources to challenge Horde control.

The cycle continues perpetually, with each faction competing against the other to gain access more quickly or reduce the enemy team’s access to the zone.

Contribute Supplies to activate a War

When you don´t have Arathi Highlands anymore, your faction must gather enough resources until reaching 100% to activate warfront and que up to take it over.

You get access to this once you hit max level (120). 

You will find these dailies in the major city near the harbor (mini map will be bombarded with daily quests). 
These are daily quests to hand in except for the War resources, you can turn in as many as you want/have. 

Turning in supplies through a daily quest rewards

* 750 Radiant Azerite Core.
* 500 reputation with Honorbound (Horde) or 7th Legion (Alliance). 

You can see the total contribution wheen zooming out on the map and mouseover the alliance/horde symbol on the capital city. This is region-wide shared. 

This could differ each time it is up. It is not the same supplies everytime.

Profession supplies

Turn in 3 "Enchanting Rings - Seal of Versatility
or, could be
Turn in 3 "Enchanting Rings - Critical Strike

Turn in one "Battleflag: Rallying Swiftness"

Turn in 15 Versatile Kyanites
or, could be
Straddling Viridium

Turn in 2 Coarse Leather Barding
or, could be
2 Drums of the Maelstrom

Turn in 3 War-Scroll of Battle Shout
or, could be
Turn in 3 War-Scroll of Fortitude

Turn in 60 Meaty Haunch
or, could be
60 Grilled Catfish

Turn in 3 Frost-Laced Ammunition 

Turn in 60 Monelite Ore

Turn in 20 Coastal Mana Potions

War Resources

Turning in 100 War Resources at the Quartermaster. 


Turn in 100 gold. 


You start by jumping in to a destroyed horde base taken over by the other faction. You must fight the other faction and take control of the base.

Open your map and you will see several areas that are either red (horde) or blue (alliance) marked.
Your goal is to take control of areas in order to build up a strong army and destroy the opposite faction main leader. But remember, the other faction is trying to do the same against you.  

Once your base is in control, your raid must divide into groups and split out.

  • Take over the mine
  • Take over the lumber
  • Take control of area in front of your base.
  • Always have players inside your base to defend it.

Each area you want to take over has an elite group leader. Killing that leader enables you to click on the banner in that area and take over it.

You will now build up your base, and this requires resources:

  • Wood
    You collect ores by first taking control of the lumber area. This will make peons chop wood. You can collect wood yourself by looting the wood that falls on the ground after peons have been chopping. You can also chop trees yourself after completing a quest that enables you to chop certain trees.

  • Ore
    You collect ores by first taking control of the mine. This will make peons collect iron and take it to the base. You collect the ore from a chest in the base. You can also see how mych ore there is inside the chest by looking at your buff bar. You can collect more ores by mining in the mine and sometimes from mobs in that area.

The resources you gather are personal. You can see how much resources you have in the right side above quest objective.

Upgrade buildings and troops

You choose yourself what you want to upgrade with the resources you have gathered. But it is good to communicate with the rest to see what you should focus on each time.
When a building is unlocked for starting construction, you can go to that building and choose if you want to help building it with wood or ores.  

Great Hall

This building is destroyed from start and must be captured and Rebuild.

This building can be upgraded to level 3.

Level 1 (Great Hall)
Capture and Rebuild.
Required to construct other buildings.

Level 2 (Stronghold)
Requires Altars of Storms and Armory
Requires – 380 Ore- 180 Wood

  • Increases number of peons collecting Iron.
  • Increases rate of unit production from Barracks.
  • Unlocks commander specific unit from Barracks.

Level 3 (Fortress)
Requires Workshop
Requires – 620 Ore- 260 Wood

  • Increases number of peons collecting Iron.
  • Increases rate of unit production from Barracks.
  • Increase damage dealt by Demolishers
  • Commanders can now use special ability

Armory (War Mill)

This building is inside your base.
Contribute to perform research, increasing the power of all troops. 

Steel Weapons - Increase all damage dealt by 10%.
Steel Armor - Health increased by 10%.


This building is inside your Base
Requires 140 iron and 100 woods to build.

You can train following troops

  • Grunts (20 Iron) 
    The backbone of your army which grow in power as you upgrade your base. Assault enemy locations and help you capture the battlefield

    Talent: Raging Strike
    Inflicts Physical damage and enrages the attacker for 4 sec. While enraged, all damage inflicted or taken is increased by 25%.

  • Axe Throwers (30 iron)
    Agile ranged troop able to deal great damage from a distance.

    Talent: Axe Throw
    Throws a weapon at an enemy, inflicting physical damage. 

  • Shaman (50 iron), also requires Circle of Elements “building”.
    Pwerful casters who draw their strength from elemental spirits. Useful to quickly heal nearby troops. 

    Talent: Healing Wave
    Calls opun Nature magic to heal an ally.

  • Wolf Raiders (50 iron), also requires Newstead “building”.
    Fast moving powerful fighters. Able to lock enemies down with nets and burn large areas of the ground. 

    Talent:Weighted Net
    Net the current target rooting them in place for 3 sec. 

    Talent: Oilbomb
    Throws a flaming flask, inflicting fire damage to all enemies within 8 yards, then fire damage every 5.2 sec. 

Altar of Storm

This building is inside your Base.
Requires 260 iron and 140 woods to build.

This building provides:

  • Bristling Power (10 iron or 10 woods)
    Grants yourself an application of the Power of the Storm. Each application increases your damage and healing by 2% and your health by 1%. 

  • Call of the Storm (Essence of the Storm, Extremely Rare, found while killing enemies in the warfront)
    Blessed with the Call of the Storm. Increasing the damage you deal and healing done by 150%, your health by 150% and increasing your movement speed by 50%.
    All nearby friendly troops and players deal more damage and have increased health. 


This building is inside your Base.

Purchase a demolisher, a powerful vehicle capable of dealing siege damage, able to destroy enemy structures and gates. 

Cost 80 iron for one Demolisher and you can only have 3 active. 


This building is outside your base and must be captured, controlled and defended.
Construct a Bestiary to recruit mounted troops.

It unlocks:

  • Wolf Raiders (50 iron)
  • Kodo Ryders (50 iron)

Circle of Elements

This building is outside your base and must be captured, controlled and defended.
Construct a Spirit Lodge to bring powerful caster units to your army.

It unlocks:

  • Shaman (50 iron)
  • Elemental Spirit (50 iron)

High Perch

This building is outside your base and must be captured, controlled and defended.
Construct a tower, providing fast access to captured locations.

It unlocks:

  • Flight Master
    Fly to captured locations.


Attack, defend, gather

Your team must balance between

  • Defending your base and controlled areas
  • Gathering resources
  • Attacking areas and push forward.

The best is to split up your team in groups:

  • Some players stay in the base and defend against attackers
  • Some players are in lumber and mine and gather extra resources
  • Some players attack and take over areas.

When your base is upgraded into level 3 and you have upgraded and made new troops, it´s time for the big attack against the opposite faction base and main leader. Push every player forward for that attack and do not forget to get demolishers to break the towers and doors. Also, use iron to buff yourself in the Altar of storms.

Tactics and Tips: WARFRONTS


Build order in Base

  • Barracks
  • Altar of Storms
  • Armory
  • Great Hall
  • Workshop
  • Fortress

Capture order

  • Base

  • Divide team in 2
    Team 1 for Lumber (Hatchet Ridge)
    Team 2 for Mine (Drywhisker Mine)
    Build Barracks and make grunts and axe throwers asap.
  • Team 1 and 2 meet and take over Northfold Crossing

  • Team 1 push for Newstead from Lumber
    Wolf Ryders unlocked now in Barracks, make them
    Also make Kodos. 

  • Team 2 push for Circle of Elements
    Shamans unlocked now in Barracks, make them

  • Team 1 and 2 meet and take over High Perch

  • At this time make sure Demolishers are up and running from Workshop. They are needed against the main gate and towers. Cap 3 Demolishers and push together with team 1 and 2 and Take Valorcall Pass

  • Continue push to Stromgarde Keep and kill main leader.

Tips: Always keep your eyes open for warnings when a base is under attack and help out.

Tips: The ore is ticking on your buff bar all the time. Make sure to go back to base from time to time to collect the ore from the chest. 

Tips: At the moment, the only way to get lumber is to be in the lumber area and collect. Make sure that there are ppl there collecting. 

Tips: When you attack an area to control, have NPC troops with you. There is an NPC in front of Barracks that is in charge of troop movements (maybe he can be interacted with later on in testing). 

Tips: There is a elite mini boss in each area you attack to control. Killing him enables the flag to be intercated with. This NPC should be tanked or let your forces have control of aggro. This NPC can be cc´d in most ways, meaning, you can kite and attack as well. 

Tips: The Circle of elements give you a stacking buff (10 stacks) that grants you extra dmg when turning in ore. Good to have when doing the final two pushes. 

Tips: In The lumber area, there are trees that you can chop down. This goes faster then waitning for workers to do the job and looting the ground. 

Tips: The mine has a big load (motherload) that spawns from time to time. This wagon tries to reach your base and you should protect it. When it reaches the base, it drops a chest that everyone can loot. This contains 100 Ores each for every player.  



18 Apr 2018