Fastest way to gear up alts in Legion

This guide is aimed for players that don´t have the luxury to join M+ runs and be carried in Raids by their friends.

As the title says, this guide is aimed for alts, meaning, you have a main character that most likely done the legion content.

If this is a new character that just dinged 110, please skip ahead to point 2.

1) Unsullied gear (ilvl 880+)

Unsillued gear are items that drops from the Argus content with 880+ ilvl and is account wide, meaning, it can be sent to other characters in the same account.

It can come from
* Rare Spawns
* Rare Chests
* Invasions
* Regular Mobs
* Quests

They are divided in cloth, leather, mail and plate and covers every single slot (even relics), except for a weapon of course.

This is a great start to give you character a baseline to work with.
You can wear almost and entire set of unsullied gear. The exceptions are rings and trinkets in which you can only have 1 ring and 1 trinket (unique-equipped).

If you gear up a character with unsullied gear, you will have approximately 885-888.
This gear is 880+ and the (+) means that it can become Warforged/titanforged and give even higher ilvl.

 2) Complete the entire Argus questline

This is your next step and should be completed.
Completing the Argus questline will give you:

  • 900+ Veiled Argunites in total from qs.
  • Unlocks WQs in entire Argus
  • Unlocks minor invasion portals
  • Unlocks the greater invasion portals
  • quest to kill argus and get legendary ring (1000 ilvl)

3) Veiled Argunites (ilvl 910+)

As soon as you have finished the Argus questline, you will have over 900 Veiled Argunites.

Veiled Argunites is a new currency that you use to buy Relinquished gear.
Relinquished gear are divided in cloth, leather, mail and plate and covers every single slot (even relics), except for a weapon of course.
Each item costs 650 Veiled Argunites.
The ilvl is 910+.
It can be warforged and titenforged.

The vendor is called Thaumaturge Vashreen.
He is located in the Vindicaar (spaceship) on the bottom floor to the east side of the mini map.

How to earn/grind Veiled Argunites

You get Veiled Argunites from:

  • Quests (the storyline and side quests)
  • Treasure chests in Argus (8-10)
  • World quests (45)
  • Rare Elite mobs (rare spawns) (20)
  • Order Hall missions (20+)
  • Armyof the light "Emissary" and Argussian Reach "Emissary" (125)
  • From the weekly quest (Fuel of  Doomed World (300)

4) World quests / Invasions (ilvl 890+)

Since you have done the Argus questline, you have unlocked world quests and invasions.

World quests in Argus gives 890+ gear and 880+ in Broken Isles, so always check the map and see if there is anything you need for your char to fill up for the lower ilv gear u got left behind.

5) Once 890 ilvl – get the first legendary (ilvl 1000)

Once you have hit 890 ilvl on your average ilvl, que up on raid finder on the last wing for Antorus the burning throne.

Since you have completed the Argus quest line, you got the quest to kill Argus.

Killing Argus (on raid finder in this case, doesn’t matter what difficulty), will complete the quest and reward you a legendary ring.

Your average ilvl will now be around 910+

6) Buy or craft 880 gear and upgrade it to 930

You can wear a crafted 880 ilvl gear that can be upgraded up to ilvl 930.

Check my guide here how that works.

7) Buy your second legendary (ilvl 1000)

If you got the gold, you can buy a legendary from the AH or craft one yourself from any alt/main.

Check my guide here on how that works.

8) Grind Waking Essences – more legendaries

You can buy legendaries for 1000 Wakening essences.

Check my guide here on how that works.

12 Feb 2018