Patch 7.3 - Profession Guide

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In 7.3, some professions will have new things to craft which will be available after a very short questline.

All the crafting profession quest givers are located in the bottom floor of the Vindicaar.

It is not required that you have completed the main profession questline to be able to do the Argus profession quest. You need to have the Legion profession though.

All new crafting recipes require a new reagent called Primal Sargerite. This is similar to the Blood of Sargeras.


Profession: Blacksmith

There is a new Ore called Empyrium in Argus.


Starting quest: Emperial Strenght
NPC: Khamir

You will have access to train an Empyrial Chest Plate.

Total crafting materials needed

Empyrium (new ore from mining in Argus) – 42
Primal Sargerite (new crafting reagent similar to Blood of Sargeras) – 2

Once you have trained making an Empyrial Chest Plate, you will learn to make Empyrial Breastplate that has 885 ilvl.


Profession: Tailoring

There is a new Argus cloth called Lightweave Cloth.


You unlock this quest once you have completed the storyline quest “The Sigil of Awakening” in Mac´Aree zone.

Starting quest: Looming Over Me
NPC: Khaela

You need to head to a garden in Mac´Aree tp retrieve Khaela´s Lightweave Loom.
Completing this gives you the ability to craft Lightweave Breeches (legs) with 885 ilvl.


Profession: Jewelcrafting

There are 4 new gems: Argulite, Chemirine, Labradorite and Lightsphene.


Starting quest:
NPC: Vorel

New head gear

There are 4 new head gear that JC can craft with 885 ilvl:

  • Empyrial Crown of the Cosmos (Cloth)
  • Empyrial Crown of the Depths (Leather)
  • Empyrial Crown of the Elements (Mail)
  • Empyrial Crown of the Titans (plate)

New socket gems

There are 4 new epic socket gems the JC can make

  • Deadly Deep Chemirine
    +250 Primary Stat
    +188 Critical Strike

  • Masterful Argulite
    +250 Primary Stat
    +188 Mastery

  • Quick Lightsphene
    +250 Primary Stat
    +188 Haste

  • Versatile Labradorite
    +250 Primary Stat
    +188 Versatility


Profession: Leatherworking

There is a new Leather in Argus called Fiendish leather.


Starting quest:
NPC: Enstraa

There is a new leather armor to craft called Fiendish Shoulderguards (shoulder) with 885 ilvl.

There is a new mail armor to craft called Fiendish Spaulders (shoulders) with 885 ilvl.


Profession: Alchemy


Starting quest:

There is a new herb in Argus called Astral Glory

There is a new trinket to craft with 885 ilvl (Astral Alchemist Stone).

There are 2 new flasks to craft:

  • Lightblood Elixir (increase dmg against demons for 30 min in Broken Isles and Argus)
  • Tears of Elune (shows the location of all nearby demons on minimap for 30 min.


24 Jul 2017