Guide: Craft Legendaries in patch 7.2 and best place to farm Legendary quest item

This Guide is made during PTR. 

In patch 7.2 you can craft Legendaries. More specifically, Leatherworker can craft 2 (1 leather and 1 mail), Blacksmith can craft 1 and Tailors can craft 1.

You can craft one legendary only, every time Nether Disruptor becomes active. 

These Legendaries are not soulbound. You can craft it and sell it.


The Sentinel´s Eternal Refuge

Vigilance Perch


Rethu´s Incessant Courage


Celumbra, the Night´s Dichotomy


Materials to craft Legendaries

Common for the 3 professions are:

  • 65 Blood of Sargeras
    See my Guide farming Blood of Sargeras.
  • Nethershard Essence
    This item is bought from Warmage Kath´leen in Deliverance Point.
    It costs 8000 Nethershards which is a currency in Broken Shore.
    See my Guide: Farm Nethershards.

Specific materials for each profession


Mail version

  • Stormscale (250)
  • Prime Wardenscale

Leather version

  • Stonehide Leather (250)
  • Wisp-Touched Elderhide


  • Imbued Silkweave (125)
  • Bolt of Shadowcloth (1)
  • Bolt of Starweave (1)
  • Sharp Spritehorn (1)
  • Runic Catgut (1)


  • Demonsteel bar (125)
  • Hammer of Forgotten Heroes (1)


 Learn Legendary crafting

Go to the tailor in Stormmwind (alliance) or Orgrimmar (horde) to learn the pattern (Dalaran in Broken Shore doesnt give the pattern.

Patterns are available in Dalaran in Broken Shore.

Available in Dalaran. 


Unlock Legendary Crafting

In PTR it, is not clear when you can actually start this quest line but you will most likely be able to take the quest after

  • Reaching 800 in profession skill
  • Completing the Broken Shore scenario that you can do directly when you log on when 7.2 is live.
  • Have the building Nether Disruptor up for the trait: Armorcrafter Commendations
    "Artisans of the highest level will receive commendations for their efforts, allowing them to craft the most Legendary items of items." 
    This will give you the quest Boon of the Nether Disruptor.

The quest giver is Eliezer Hammerbeard, located in Deliverance Point in Broken Shore (see map below).

Depending on if you are Blacksmith, Leatherworker or Tailor, the questline differs very slightly.

  • The first quest is called Fashion History and a Philosophy of Style

    This quest is the same for all 3 prof.
    - Listen to Eliezer´s story.

  • Completing this quest will give you a new one:

    - Leatherworker (The Legend of the Elderhide)
    Capture ancient wisps in Val´sharah

    - Tailor (The Legend of the Threads)
    Bring a scroll from Suramar

    - Blacksmith (The Legend of the Four Hammers)
    Bring a Book from Dalaran.

  • Completing this will give you 4 new quests.

    3 of the quests takes you to dungeons and raids in which you must get some materials.
    These differs between professions.

Leatherworkers will get 3 quests for each (leather and mail).

- Leatherworker

The Owl and the Dreadlord: Find and restore the Refinished Legplates of Mephistroth by defeating him in the Cathedral of Eternal Night in Mythic Difficulty.

The Owl and the Observer: Kill Viz'aduum the Watcher in the Return to Karazhan dungeon on Mythic difficulty, and retrieve and repair the Gleaming Bracers of the First War.

The Legend of the Wardenscale: Capture the Father of Owls on the Isle of the Watchers.

The Wisp and the Sea: Retrieve the Waterlogged Handmaiden's Gloves from the Wrath of Azshara on Mythic Difficulty, then treat them.

The Wisp and the Shadow: Defeat the Shade of Xavius in Darkheart Thicket on Mythic Difficulty and dye his shroud.

The Wisp and the Nightmare: Get the Immaculate Spellsash from Xavius in the Emerald Nightmare and repair it.

- Tailor
The Thread of Shadow: Defeat Advisor Vandros in The Arcway for Shadow Thread from  Vandros' Shadoweave Robes.

The Thread of Starlight: Defeat Advisor Melandrus in Court of Stars for  Starlight Thread from  Melandrus' Star-Touched Bracers.

The Thread of Souls: Defeat Elisande in the Nighthold Raid for Soul Thread from  Suramari Soul-Wraps



The Godfighter: Defeat Odyn and use White Lightningsteel to forge  Godfighter Hammer.

The Dragonhunter: Defeat Dargrul in Neltharion's Lair and use  Red-Hot Draconic Slag to forge  Dragonhunter Hammer.

The Hellslayer: Defeat Helya and use  Frostveined Shale to forge  Hellslayer Hammer.


  • The fourth quest is to gather specific item (100 of that item).

These items drop from humanoids in Broken Shore.

Leatherworker (leather) needs to gather 100 Ancient Dreadleather
Leatherworker (mail) needs to gather 100 Ancient Gravenscale
Tailor needs to gather 100 Ancient Imbued Silkweave
Blacksmith needs to gather 100 Ancient Demonsteal.


Best place to grind Legendary quest items


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20 Mar 2017