Full Guide: Farm Cyphers of the First Ones

Cyphers of the First Ones is used on the Cyphers console in Zereth Morist in order to unlock quests, achievements, craft mounts & pets, gain more reputation with the Enlightened, get gear and more.

There are some things you can do to get Cypers that has a cap every day, some are once a week and then there are some that you can farm more or less endlessly. 

There is also an item that increases all cyphers gained by 50%. 

Daily Cap Cypers farm

World quests
There are 3 world quests up per day.
You can get cyphers as a reward. 

Daily quests
There are 3 daily quests available each day (one is unlocked via the cyphers console)
Each daily quest rewards 18-20 Cyphers. 

Rares drop 3-4 Cyphers.
There are also special rares that you can see on the minimap and sometimes the big map with a silver star around it. They drop 4-6 Cyphers. 

Puzzle Caches
There are in total 10 puzzle caches per day.
Each one rewards 3-5 Cyphers. 

There are Jiros that you interact with once you have unlocked it via the Cypers console. 
Interacting gives you 4 Cyphers. 

Weekly Cap Cyphers farm

World Boss
The world boss Antros in Zereth Mortis rewards 256 Cyphers when killed. 

Weekly Zereth Mortis quest
There is a quest that Bolvar has for you that you can complete once a week. This quest is called Patterns Within Patterns. Completing this quest rewards:

* 50 Cyphers
* Tribute of the Enlightened Elders (gear) and 19 Cyphers
* Anima

Treasure Cyphers farm

There are treasures that are scattered all over Zereth Mortis. 
Each one contains 2 Cyphers

Rare Treasures
There are rare treasures that are scattered all over Zereth Mortis. 
Each one contains 3 Cyphers

Special Rares
There are special rares in Zereth Mortis with a star around it. 
Each special rare gives 5 Cyphers. 

Item that increases all Cypers

Improvised Cyphers Analysis Tool
This item is Bind on Account. 
Increases cyphers aquired by 50%. 
Check out here on how to get it. 

12 Jan 2022