Guide: Get Item that increases Cyphers loot by 50%

In 9.2, you can farm the currency cyphers of the first ones that is used to unlock traits in the but also used as a currency to buy stuff from certain vendors.

One vendor is Olea Manu that sells

  • Recipe: Empty Kettle of Stone Soup
    Feast that gives 20 in a stat for 1 hour.
    Costs: 25 Cyphers of the Frist Ones
  • Formula: Magically Regulated Automa Core
    An Optional Reagent that when added on your crafted item, it has a chance to spawn an Automa Core which explodes for damage and healing.
    Costs: 50 Cyphers of the Frist Ones
  • Improvised Cypher Analysis Tool
    A Bind on Account item that increases cyphers acquired by 50%.
    Costs: 150 Cyphers of the Frist Ones
  • Jiro Circle of Song
    Summon a circle of Jiro to serenade you. 
    Costs: 50 Cyphers of the First Ones. 

This vendor needs to be unlocked, this is how

  1. You must reach the trait Altonian Understanding on your Cypher Research Console.
    This trait is under the Aealic column.
    This trait costs 175 Cyphers and has a Research Time of 6 days, 18 hours.
  2. Once you have this trait, you will unlock a quest called Broken Circle, located 40,42 (see map image).
  3. Complete this mini questline.
  4. Once completed, the Jiros leave, but they have actually ended up near the entrance of the Cypher Research Console cave located at 37,45 (see map image).
    You have now unlocked the vendor NPC

7 Jan 2022