Emerald Dream Event Rewards

Emerald Dream events are part of patch 10.2. Check here on what they are and how there work. 


You will get two types of outdoor armor sets from the Emerald Dream events.

  • Emerald Bounty
    This event also have a chance on dropping same mounts, pets and transmogs as the Cosmectics vendor described below. 
  • Superbloom

The Superbloom will drop gear that is a reskin of the Emerald Bounty Outdoor Transmog. 

Cosmetics vendor

Seedbloom is a currency for buying Emerald Bounty cosmetics, pets mounts and weapon transmogs.  from a vendor in Wildling Garden in Emerald Dream, Thristlefir. 


  • Snoots
  • Elmer
  • Snoozles
  • Napps
  • Dustite
  • Seedle
14 Sep 2023