This guide will describe on how the Emerald Dream events will work in patch 10.2.

The Emerald Dream event is a big event in patch 10.2 but divided in 3 parts:

  • Superbloom
  • Emerald Frenzy
  • Emerald Bounty


In the first part you will protect an ancient Tree, Sprucecrow that will walk a certain path for 20 minutes. During this time you will protect it and also fill a Bloom bar by doing activities such as  Interact with spirit animals, water plants and remove weeds.


All this fills up a bar called “Bloom Quality” that you will fill up during the time the Sprucecrow walks to his final destination. There are 3 types of Bloom Qualities (Common, Rare and Epic). Once Sprucecrow has reached his destination, the event ends with a dragon boss that you have to defeat. 


The reward is based on what Bloom Quality you got on that event. The main reward determined by the Bloom Quality is a Dreamseed. You will use this seed later in part 3 when you will plant the seed for rewards. 


From the Superbloom event, you will always get 5 Dreaming Drake Crests and piece of gear 447 ilvl. 

During this event you will get special borrowed power similar to how we got them in Cobalt Assembly.


The Dreamseed

There are 3 different types of seeds that you can get from the Superbloom event based on what Bloom quality you completed in that event:

  • Small Dreamseed
  • Plump Dreamseed
  • Gigantic Dreamseed

You will plant a Dreamseed in an Emerald Bounty soil. That you will nurture as well for a short time. Based on what seed you have added and also how much you have nurtured, you will get different rewards. More on that on the Emerald Bounty section. 



Emerald Frenzy

This event starts directly after the Superbloom event is over. Check the map where the location is. This event will last for 10 minutes. During these 10 minutes, you will kill spirit mobs in that area for looting Emerald Dewdrops. 



Emerald Dewdrops are needed to be able to nurture the flower that you grow with a Dreamseed. If you nurture it alone, you will need 500 Emerald Dewdrops, but more players will be there to help out. You will get 500-1000 Dewdrops from one Emerald Frenzy event during the 10 minutes. 


Emerald Bounty

This part, you can do whenever you want. There are Emerald Bounties scattered around the Emerald Dream zone. Check minimap to find them easier. These are dirt piles. It has to be active dirt pile (there are some inactive ones). 


You will use a Dreamseed that is Small, Plumb or Gigantic. This Dreamseed was rewarded from the Superbloom event. Once you place it, you will be rewarded with a Bounty that is either Small, Plump or Gigantic. You can also now nurture the flower so it grows by adding Emerald Dewdrops. Other players can also add the same type of Dreamseed that you added and other players can also add Emerald Dewdrops to nurture. Nurturing the flower fills up a bar and based on how much the bar is filled, you will get different Bloom rewards and there are 3 types: 
  • Small Emerald Bloom
    This one you get directly when you add your first Emerald Dewdrop. 
  • Medium Emerald Bloom
    This one you get once the bar is filled 50%
  • Large Emerald Bloom
    This one you get once the bar is filled 100%. 
 As mentioned, based on what Dreamseed has been added, you will also get different rewards for that. 


Small Dreamseed 

If you contribute with a small Dreamseed, you will get a small Dreamy Bounty. 

Is a lesser quality that rewards, small amount of seedbloom (20), a small amount of Dream Epherma (5), Dragon Isles Supplies and Flightstones


Plump Dreamseed

If you contribute with a Plump Dreamseed, you will get a Plumb Dreamy Bounty. 

his rare seed that rewards a medium amount of seedbloom (90), medium amount of Dream Epherma, Dragon Isles Supplies and Flightstones and chance on a pet. 


Gigantic Dreamseed

If you contribute with a Gigantic Dreamseed, you will get a Gigantic Dreamy Bounty. 

The Gigantic seed is epic in size and reward. Contains a unique mount or a large amount of Seedbloom (350). 


14 Sep 2023