Best way to gear up in patch 8.3

There are many gamers jumping back in to the WoW train and also new players, and wonder how to gear up the most efficient way.

Well have no fear, Moudi is here.

Unlock Essences First!

In patch 8.2 we had 2 new zones that came out, Nazjatar and Mechagon and a brand new necklace “talent tree”.

There was a questline for each zone but you will focus on the questline that takes you to Nazjatar, mainly because Magni will come to you very early in that questline and needs your help.

Complete that Magni questline and you will unlock essence slots on your necklace.

Gear you get when doing this

Starting this questline until you unlock your azerite necklace you will get following gear as well:

  • Your necklace is ready to put really powerful essences on them (Guide here)
  • You get a 385 Azerite Armor.
  • You get a 370 weapon

Start the 8.3 Legendary questline

The next step is to complete the entire questline that came out in patch 8.3, the legendary questline.

Alleria starts the quest for the legendary questline. She is in Zandalar/Horde and Boralus/Alliance
You must do the legendary questline in order to activate several endgame content.

Gear you get when doing this

  • 440 (100%) also corrupted stats from Uldum Assaults
  • scaled to your ilvl gear from Mist Assaults
  • 430 Azerite Armor
  • Waist or Feet 430 ilvl
  • A Legendary cloak – 470 ilvl

Essences and Legendary cloak are unlocked, what now

Here you can take several different objectives to gear up your character.

World Quest and Emissary daily (<445 ilvl)

Remember, do NOT do world quests until you are satisfied with the gearing of your character just before the world quest or emissary quest is about to end. Why? Because the rewards are tied to your character ilvl. When you get higher ilvl on your character, the ilvl of the reward scales to and gets higher as well.

There is a cap, which is ilvl 445.


Benthic gear (385 ilvl)

This part is easier if you are gearing up your alt char. Then you probably have several Manapearls or can grind them fast on you main.

Getting all gear to 385 is a good start.
You can buy several gear slots from the vendor in Nazjatar for 5 manapearls each.
You cannot buy weapon, rings and trinkets.


Buy or craft gear (400 ilvl)

This part is easier if you have gold or if you have another character that can already craft a lot of it.

When it comes to a second ring, a second trinkets and weapons. It´s a good idea to buy it since it takes longer time to get a hold on those.

You can get 400 illvl gear of more or less every slot. It all comes down to what profession can craft that specific slot gear. 400 ilvl gear is cheap in general on the Action House.


Heroic Warfront (430 and 460 ilvl)

Warfront is a 20 man PVE scenario that will take place in Arathi Highlands: Stromguarde or Darkshore, in which your faction will attack the area and NPC will defend it.

There is a quest you can take just next to the table where you que up for warfront.

Heroic Warfront: The Battle for Stromgarde
Heroic mode quest reward is 430 ilvl

Heroic Warfront: The Battle for Darkshore
Heroic mode quest reward is 460 ilvl

To unlock Heroic mode, you must first complete normal warfronts.


World Boss (445 ilvl)

Each week, there is a world boss that spawns in either Uldum or in Vale of Eternal Blossom, based on where the Black Empire Assault is.
You have a chance to get a 445 ilvl reward.

Make sure you bought “Seal of Wartorn Fate”.
This let´s you bonus roll the boss again when consumed.


Mythic 0 – The easy way to get a group (430 ilvl)

It is not easy to get invited to mythic dungeons, no matter what level.

Ill tell you the best way to start gearing up through mythic 0.

  • Check what dungeons can drop cool cosmetics, mainly mounts.
  • Create a group via group finder/Premade Groups/Dungeons
  • For Title write something like “Freehold Mount Farm”
  • Get the higher geared players and also those that wear the same armor as you.
    So if something drops they will most likely trade it to you since they don’t need it.

Players will focus more on zerging the dungeon than looking at your gear. And even if they do, you invited good geared players so they prob wont care since the rest can own the dungeon and you are the leader.


Raid Finder (430 ilvl) (last two bosses 440 ilvl)

Once you are able to que up for Raid Finder – Ny´alotha do so. Do as many wings as you can.


Horrific Vision, do first 5 levels fast (back 470 to 478 ilvl)

Get you cloak to level 5 as soon as possible.
Just focus on killing the main boss (Thrall/Alleria) because your cloak wont let you survive much in there. You must level up your cloak, put more points on the vision talent tree to get good abilities in there before you can advance more.

Getting your cloak to level 5 will increase your legendary cloak to 478.

Horrific vision is a good way to gear up later on when you get more gear and more mementos to get more abilities in there. You can get gear from 420 to 470 in there.

Check out my guide on how it all works here.


Mythic plus (430-475 ilvl)

Once you are geared around 430 and above. Start quing up for mythic plus lower keys and also when you can, create your own groups.

You get rewards from the end boss chest and also from the weekly chest in which the gear ilvl is based on your highest mythic plus key that week.


Raid normal (445 ilvl)

Getting in to a group for a raid requires most of the times high ilvl gear. More than needed even. But that’s how people are in PUGs (pick up groups).

But once you hit 440+, try to join raids. If you can, make your own of course.


Raid Heroic (460 ilvl)

Getting in to a group for a raid requires most of the times high ilvl gear. More than needed even. But that’s how people are in PUGs (pick up groups).

But once you hit 455+, try to join raids. If you can, make your own of course.


Hope this guide will help you. Feel free to ask anything you wonder about.


6 Jun 2020