Battle for Azeroth Reputation Guide

In Battle For Azeroth there are 10 reputation factions.  
Some reputation factions are Horde only, or Alliance only and some are for both.

  • Talanji's Expedition (Horde)
    Princess Talanji and her allies fight to protect Zandalar from the onslaught of the Blood Trolls
  • Zandalari Empire (Horde)
    The oldest empire of Azeroth, the Zandalari are powerful trolls who bargain with fearsome loa and whose navy is unmatched on the Great Sea.
  • Voldunai (Horde)
    Comprised of exiles and scavengers, the Voldunai use their knowledge of the sands to thrive where others would wither and die
  • The Honorbound (Horde)
    A special delegation of the Horde army, focused on disrupting Alliance operations in Kul Tiras.
  • Proudmoore Admiralty (Alliance)
    Masters of the sea and commanders of Azeroth's finest navy, the distinguished Proudmoore family has led Kul Tiras for decades from their seat of power in Boralus
  • 7th Legion (Alliance)
    An elite special force delegation of the Alliance army, currently focused on disrupting Horde operations in Zandalar.
  • Storm's Wake (Alliance)
    Home to farmers, craftsmen, soldiers, and the mysterious tidesages, the Storm's Wake seeks to reclaim Stormsong Valley and affirm their place in Kul Tiras.
  • Order of Embers (Alliance)
    An ancient Kul Tiran order resurrected to battle the threat of witchcraft, the Order of Embers fights with knowledge guiding their blades
  • Champions of Azeroth (both)

  • Tortollan Seekers (both)

Each Reputation Faction has its own embassy vendor NPC.


For detailed information on rewards, click on the certain faction below.
It is the embassy vendor NPCs that sell the reputation rewards.
General rewards are:

  • Gear
    Honored – 325 ilvl
    Revered – 340 ilvl
    Exalted – 355 ilvl
  • Mounts
  • Toys
  • Pets
  • Rank 3 professions recipes
  • Tomes
  • Tabards


Most of these reputation factions have contract with that faction.
Contract allows you to gain reputation with that faction every time you complete a world quest in Kul Tiras and Zandalar.

The inscription profession players can buy the contract recipe from certain faction vendors when hitting honored.

Factions with contracts:

  • Champions of Azeroth
  • Order of Embers
  • Proudmoore Admiralty
  • Talanji's Expedition
  • Storm's Wake
  • Voldunai
  • Tortollan Seekers
  • Zandalari Empire

The Honorbound and 7th Legion do not have contracts.

Embassy vendors that sells contract Recipes are

  • Order of Embers
    Recipe: Contract: Order of Embers
  • Proudmoore Admiralty
    Recipe: Contract: Proudmoore Admiralty
  • Talanji's Expedition
    Recipe: Contract: Talanji's Expedition
  • Storm's Wake
    Recipe: Contract: Storm's Wake
  • Voldunai
    Recipe: Contract: Voldunai
  • Tortollan Seekers
    Recipe: Contract: Champions of Azeroth
    Recipe: Contract: Tortollan Seekers
  • Zandalari Empire
    Recipe: Contract: Zandalari Empire

In depth faction reputation Guides

End game - World Quests reputation farming

When you hit max level you will find all the world quests when opening your map. 
World quests are divided in difficulty to be completed. The time point a quest available is dependent on the difficulty to be completed and they are divided (black, blue, purple).

You will also have Emissary quests that are bound to a reputation faction.
To complete an emissary quest you have to complete 4 world quests for a certain faction.
On the bottom right corner on your map you will see what faction it is for that week and what the rewards is. 
Each Emissary quest will be available for three days. If you forgot to log in yesterday, that emissary quest will be available for two more days, and you’ll also have a new one.
You can have up to three Emissary quests active at once.

This is also a great way to farm reputation with the different factions. Mouse over on a world quest will give you information on what faction that quest is tied to. Completing that quest will reward you extra reputation.
Here you will find quests tied to following reputation factions

Also, do not forget the CONTRACT that gives you reputation from any world quest in Kul Tiras and Zandalar (scroll up for that guide).

  • Voldunai
    WQ Zone:
  • Talanji's Expedition
    WQ Zone:
  • Zandalari Empire
    WQ Zone:
  • Proudmoore Admiralty
    WQ Zone:
  • Storm's Wake        
    WQ Zone:
  • Order of Embers
    WQ Zone:
  • Champions of Azeroth
    WQ Zone:
  • Tortollan Seekers
    WQ Zone:
  • 7th Legion
    WQ Zone:
  • The Honorbound
    WQ Zone:


There are in total 12 mounts you can buy from reputation vendors.
However, some vendors are tied to Horde and some to Alliance.

Talanji's Expedition: Exalted

Reins of the Expedition Bloodswarmer

Zandalari Empire: Exalted

Reins of the Armored Ebony Pterrordax
Reins of the Armored Orange Pterrordax
Reins of the Armored Albino Pterrordax
Reins of the Armored Cobalt Pterrordax

Proudmoore Admiralty: Exalted

Reins of the Proudmoore Sea Scout
Reins of the Pearl Admiralty Stallion

Storm's Wake: Exalted

Reins of the Stormsong Coastwatcher
Reins of the Storm's Wake Dapple Gray

Order of Embers: Exalted

Reins of the Dusky Waycrest Gryphon
Reins of the Waycrest Smoky Black Charger

Voldunai: Exalted

Reins of the Alabaster Hyena


Champions of Azeroth: Revered

Shard of Azerite – Azeriti
Saurolisk Hatchling - Saurolisk Hatchling
Drop of Azerite
Gigan Tarantula
Mechanized Gulper
Queen Cobra
Finicky Gauntlet
Digitized Assistant

Order of Embers: Revered

Pristine Falcon Feather

Talanji´s Expedition: Revered

Tragg the Curious

Storm's Wake: Revered

Pair of Bee Wings

Tortollan Seekers: Revered



Order of Embers: Revered

Weary Spirit Binding

Proudmoore Admiralty: Revered

Cursed Spyglass

Voldunai: Revered

Akunda's Firesticks

Desert Flute

Vulpera Battle Banner

Ghostly Explorer's Skull

Vulpera Scrapper's Armor

Zandalari Empire

Party Totem


Order of Embers

Pattern: Deep Sea Bag
30 Slot bag


Pattern: Deep Sea Bag
30 Slot bag

Tortollan Seekers

Pattern: Embroidered Deep Sea Bag
32 Slot bag


Order of Embers

Tome of Hex: Wicker Mongrel

Storm's Wake

Tome of Polymorph: Bumblebee

Tortollan Seekers

Recipe: Tome of the Quiet Mind

Zandalari Empire

Tome of Hex: Zandalari Tendonripper

Tome of Polymorph: Direhorn


18 May 2018