Voldunai Reputation Guide

How to gain reputation with Voldunai

  • The first way of gaining reputation with Voldunai isYou gain reputation when questing in Vol´dun. The majority of quests, rewards reputation. This is the first way you will gain reputation if you level up your char there.By completing the entire questing zone, you will come up to 13,300/21,000 reputation in to exalted.You get a quest tied to the zone dungeon in the end of the Storyline. This quest rewards 350 reputation when completed.The reputation numbers has been changed. You get less. 
  • The second way of gaining reputation with Voldunai is
    World Quests, when you are max leveled (120). When you hit max level you will find World Quests when opening your map. Click on Vol´dun and you will find various quests tied to Vol´dun. Mouseover on a world quest will give you information on what faction that quest is tied to. Completing that quest will reward you extra reputation

  • The third way gaining reputation with Voldunai is
    Emissary world quest - Completing 4 quests for Voldunai when the Emissary World quest is up will reward you with one insignia. You get access to the Emissary vendor after completing some minor quests early in the storyline of Vol´dun.

  • The fourth way of gaining reputation with Voldunai is
    Contract: Voldunai
    This is a contract the that enables you to gain extra reputation whenever you complete a world quest in Kul Tiras and Zandalar. It is created by the profession inscription. Either buy it from action house or a friend/guild that is inscription or become an inscription. It rewards you 75 extra rep from every world quest.
    Contracts changed to 10 rep per world quest. 

  • The fifth way of gaining reputation with Voldunai is
    From the Mission table. In BFA, instead of an Order Hall mission table, there is a faction based mission table. You gain access to it when starting the War campaign. It is very similar to Legion mission table. You can send champions and troops on missions that rewards you 150 reputation with Voldunai and an extra bonus of 150 as well. Total 300 rep. But this quest is not available all the time, so keep your eyes out for it.

Where is the Voldunai vendor located

The reputation vendor for Voldunai is called Hoarder Jena (Voldunai Emissary). Hoarder Jena is located in Vulpera Hideaway in Vol´dun. See map.

Voldunai Reputation Rewards

Honored reputation

Back armor – 325 ilvl

Revered reputation

Legs armor – 340 ilvl

30 slot bag

Exalted reputation

Wrist armor – 355 ilvl

Mount – Alabaster Hyena
Costs 10 000 gold


3 star Recipes


12 Jun 2018