7.2 PTR: Raid Tomb of Sargeras Bosses (names and Images)

This raid consists of 9 bosses divided in 4 wings:

  • The Tidestone´s Rest
  • Wailing Halls
  • Chamber of the Avatar
  • Deceiver´s Fall

Here are the names and images of all bosses. 


Demonic Inquisition (Osseus and Belac)

Harajatan the Bludger

Mistress Sassz´ine

Sister of the Moon (Huntress Naisha, Captain Yathae Moonstrike and Priestess Lunaspyre)

The Desolate Host (Veliskarr, Soul Queen Dejahna and The Descolate Host)

Maiden of Vigilance

Fallen Avatar


20 Jan 2017

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