Boss Guide: Harjatan (Tomb of Sargeras)


Harjatan was trained from birth to demolish his enemies. Through a conquest of savage brutality, he gathered throngs of cave dwelling murlocs who see him as a god. Now, the naga brute merely has to bark a command and hordes of devout followers set themselves to task.




  • You will fight a big fish monster boss that summons murlocs (and naga in heroic). Their damage is mainly frost damage.
  • This boss fight has one phase only in which his abilities loop over and over.
  • Boss have 5 abilities and one of them is to summon adds. Boss summons adds ALOT during the entire fight. There are 3 types of adds (2 in normal mode) and you need to kill them in a certain order to minimize raid damage.
  • Most boss and add abilities puts a debuff on the player, called Drenched, (frost damage every 2 sec and increased frost damage taken by 5%). The key is to minimize the chance of stacking this debuff, since almost everything does frost damage.
  • Boss does two things that are critical:
    (1) He Rages and does deadly frontal damage that needs to be Raid shared.
    (2) He sucks in pools from the ground that empowers his attacks on nearby players. Players need to minimize the amount of pools on the ground by killing Wavemender adds asap.
  • Having 3 tanks in this fight will make life easier. One tank handles the adds, and the other two tanks handle boss. Tank swap will be perfect and tank defensive cooldowns will be enough. It will make life easier for healers as well and even for raid in general, since adds will be picked up faster when they spawn from each side of the platform.





Tank boss on top middle side of the platform.
Offtank tanks adds on left side of boss.
Heroic mode: Offtank tanks adds far to the left side of boss.

Behind boss.

Behind boss

When/after boss does Draw in and Frigid Blows

Main tank boss only.
Off tank on adds on left side diamond.

On adds on left side (diamond).

Left or right side of the platform (Blue/Green) and spread from each other.


Abilities and Tactics

Abrasive Armor

Boss puts a stacking debuff on main tank.
This does physical damage (bleed) every 2 sec for 30 seconds.
The actual debuff is called Jagged Abrasion.

Tactic: Abrasive Armor (Jagged Abrasion)

Tank swap at 6-7 stacks.



Unchecked Rage

Boss has an energy bar.
When it reaches 100, the boss releases all his built-up rage and does deadly physical damage, split between all players in a cone on front of the boss.

Tactics: Unchecked Rage

Main tank turns the boss so it faces the raid.

Stack behind boss

Use healing cooldowns to heal up the raid fast again.



Commanding Roar (adds)

Boss summons adds that appears from the sides around the platform.
There are two types off murloc adds in normal mode (Gladiator and Wavemender)
There are 3 types of adds in Heroic mode (Gladiator, Wavemender and Taskmaster).

  • Boss summons 4 Murlocs add each time he does Commanding roar.
  • When boss reaches 66% health, an extra add will spawn (5 in total) every time he does Commanding roar.
  • When boss reaches 33% health, and extra add will spawn (6 in total) every time he does Commanding roar.

Razorjaw Gladiator

Dripping Blade
The melee attacks put a stacking debuff that does frost damage every 2 sec.
This frost debuff (Drenched) also increase frost damage taken by 5%.

Driven Assault
The add fixates a random player.
Damage increased by 50%.
Movement speed decreased by 35%.

Splashy Cleave
Does frontal cone frost damage to everyone on front of the add (cone).
This also puts the stacking debuff Drenched, (frost damage every 2 sec and increased frost damage taken by 5%).

Razorjaw Wavemender

This add has 2 abilities:

Watery Splash
Splashes the player having agro.
This does frost damage and applies the stacking debuff Drenched (frost damage every 2 sec and increased frost damage taken by 5%).

Aqueous Burst
Puts a debuff on random player.
After 6 seconds, the debuff expires and water explodes from the player.
This does damage to all nearby players and leaves a pool on the ground called Drenching Waters.

Standing in the water pool does Frost damage every sec and puts a debuff on the players called Drenched (frost damage every 2 sec and increased frost damage taken by 5%).

Tactic: Commanding Roar (adds)

Main tank on boss
Off tank picks up the adds.
Tank the adds on diamond marker, on the far-left side of the boss.
Interrupt the Watery Splash that Wavemender does.

- If you are fixated, run to diamond side, and make sure you are not between any add and off tank.
- If you have the Aqueous, run to the far left or far right side of ranged (blue/green)

Focus the adds only until they are dead.
If players can misdirect, do that, so the tanks can gather them up faster.
Kill order normal mode is: 1st Wavemender, 2nd Gladiators
Interrupt the Watery Splash that Wavemender does.


Darkscale Taskmaster add (Heroic mode)

Boss summons another type of add on Heroic mode, called Darkscale Taskmaster.
This add has 2 abilities:

Bring to Task
Buffs all adds and boss with 100% increased damage (even boss).

Frostie Spittle
Does frontal cone damage, frost damage.

Tactic: Darkscale Taskmaster (Heroic mode)

Main tank on boss.

Off tank on Taskmaster (and the other adds). Tank the task master further to the left side of boss (diamond marker). Main thing for off tank is to make sure that Taskmaster will not be close to boss.

Alternative tactic: Use 3 tanks: 2 on boss and one on Taskmaster. This way you don’t have to bother about tank swap between boss tank and taskmaster tank.

Kill order: 1st Wavemender 2nd Taskmaster 3rd Gladiators

When fixated by a murloc, do not run to Offtank. Instead, run to the opposite side (right side of boss). Otherwise that murloc will gain insane increased damage.



Draw in and Frigid Blows

Boss draws in all the pools of Drenching Waters to him for 10 seconds.
Each pool that reaches (absorbed) him will add a stack of Frigid Blows.

Frigid Blows
The frost pools empower the boss with frost and several things will happen:

  • He gets several Frigid Blow stacks, based on amount of pools that came to him.
  • His melee attacks deal extra frost damage to all nearby players and each attack consumes a Frigid Blow.
  • Each Frigid Blow consumed will make a piece of frost fall off the boss and target a random player location. This does frost damage to nearby players and leaves a pool of on the ground, called Drenching waters. If players stand on the water pool, they will take frost damage every second, and the stacking debuff Drenched (frost damage every 2 sec and increased frost damage taken by 5%).
  • When all Frigid Blows stacks are gone, he will release the last drop of frost he got left on all players. This does low frost damage and removes all stacks of the Drenched debuff that players had.

Tactic: Draw in and Frigid Blows

The pools will come from left and right side of ranged which means that players will not get hit by them, when they move towards boss.

Run to the left and right side where the pools were before and spread out.
Leave the middle area free, since you need this space later again.
Dodge the flying ice pieces and the pools it they create on the ground.

Finish of remaining adds while away from boss.

Main tank will take heavy damage during this part, beware.


When to Bloodlust/Timewarp/Heroism

At pull


19 Mar 2017