Boss Guide: Demonic Inquisition (Tomb of Sargeras)


Anticipating the arrival of mortal forces invading the Tomb of Sargeras, Kil´jaeden has called on his best captors, Atrigan and Belac, to lock down the interlopers and prevent them from using the pillars to advance deeper into the dungeon.



In this encounter, you will fight 2 bosses, Atrigan and Belac.
Atrigan swings his weapon and does melee dmg, and can be tanked.
Belac is a caster and can´t be tanked.

In this fight, you will get a stacking debuff from boss abilities, called Torment.
Reaching full Torment is not good (it reduces dmg done, healing done and increase dmg taken)
To remove this debuff bar, you must confess.
You will also have an extra action button called Confess.
This will send you down to the prison in which a big add will attack and bombard the area with fireballs.
You need to run over Orbs that spawns so you will be sent back up to the fight again, with 0 Torment.

The main control here is to master when to enter the prison and when how to handle the boss abilities.

The main thing in this fight is not NOT attack Belac when he does Fel Squall and do NOT attack Atrigan when he does Bone Saw since that increases your torment really fast.


- One tank will be on upper floor and tank Atrigan on the right side of the platform.
- Tank Atrigan next to Belac and move downwards when bosses do their special ability: Belac (Fel Squall), Atrigan (Bone Saw)
- One tank will be on the prison floor and tank the big add (use confess to come down).
- Belac can´t be tanked.

Onn left side of the platform, spread out 8 yards from other players.

Try and stay spread at least 8 yards from other players.


Abilities and tactics

DEBUFF: Torment

  • When the bosses attack and use their abilities on players, they will put a stacking debuff on the players, called Torment.
  • Players that reach full Torment are afflicted with Unbearable Torment.
    (All damage done is reduced by 20% and chance to hit is reduced. Healing is reduced by 25% and damage taken is increased by 90%.)
  • Players must Confess, in order to remove the debuff.
    You confess by clicking on the extra action bar ability you get in this encounter.
    This transport you to the prison downstairs.

Tactics DEBUFF Torment

One tank on Atrigan, tank him on the far right side.
One tank uses confess button immediately when possible and tank the big add downstairs (the platform you get teleported to).
When tank reaches 100 torment, the two tanks will tank swap. The tank downstairs comes up and tanks Atrigan and the tank that teleports downstairs tanks the big add.

Ranged spread out on the left side of the platform.

Use confess when you reach 100 torment.
Nuke Belac first
Switch to Atrigan when Belac does Fel Squall.
Switch back to Belac when Atrigan does Bone Saw.

When teleported, nuke the add so orbs develop from it.
Run over orbs to remove torment.
Use the action bar when it pops up again to get teleported back to main platform.


Atrigan specific abilities


Bone Scythe

Bone Scythe is Atrigan´s weapon.
All attacks made by Atrigan´s weapon (Bone Scythe) applies 2 Torment.

Tactic: Bone Scythe

The tank that is tanking this boss will take this damage and the Torment.
Remember that tanks are the ones that takes most torment in this fight and the release of it (sacrifice) is based on the tanks.
Raid should not get more torment than they are meant to through unstopped raid dmg abilities.


Scythe Sweep

Atrigan swings his weapon and does high physical damage which applies 20 Torment to all enemies in front of him.

Tactic: Scythe Sweep

Make sure Atrigan is faced away from raid.
Run behind or move backwards when Atrigan does this so you don´t get hit.

No one stands in front of Atrigan.


Bone Saw

Atrigan does physical damage and 4 Torment to nearby players every 1 second.
Atrigan´s movement speed is slowed by 75%.
Attacking Atrigan during Bone Saw, applies Torment to the player.

Tactic: Bone Saw

Kite Atrigan downwards on the right side.
Do NOT run to the left side of the platform since ranged will be there and also since players get teleported back to that side when coming back from downstairs.

Switch back to Belac (don NOT attack Atrigan when Bone Saw)


Heroic Ability: Calcified Quills

Atrigan causes a barrage of spikes from the ground in a cone towards a random player.
Players hit by a spike suffer vary high physical damage and does knockback into the air.

Tactic: Heroic Ability: Calcified Quills

Ranged stands spread as usual.
Melee needs to pay attention here because you can get targeted as well.
Targeted ranged moves backwards only.
Targeted melee, runs to top right side of the platform.
Everyone else need to make sure that you are not in line or close to the targeted player.


Belac specific abilities

Pangs of Guilt

Belac shoots a shadow bolt that does high/deadly damage to each player.

Tactic Pangs of Guilt

This ability MUST be interrupted.
Every dps should attack Belac and only switch to Atrigan when Belac does Fel Squall.
In this way, your raid team will interrupt this much more efficient.


Echoing Anguish

Belac targets random players and puts a debuff (Angiush).
This does damage and puts 2 Torment every second for 12 seconds.
This can be dispelled.
When dispelled or runs out, it does Anguished Outburst on nearby players.
Anguished Outburst does high/Deadly damage and 10 Torment to players within 8 yards.

Tactic: Echoing Anguish

Everyone stay spread from each other at least 8 yards.
If melee have hard time spreading from each other, run away from players when you have this debuff until dispelled.

Dispell this directly.
Check before pull, if melee cannot spread 8 yards.  



Tormenting Burst

Energy explodes from Belac, that does very high damage to all players.
This also does 8 Torment on all players.

Tactic: Tormenting Burst

Use defensive ability to reduce damage taken.

Use major healing cooldown when this happens.
Also, good to have a cooldown rotation between healers for the Bursts.


Fel Squall

Balec does fire damage and 4 Torment on nearby players every 5 sec.
Attacking Belac during this, applies Torment to the player.

Tactic: Fel Squall

Switch to Atrigan (don NOT attack Belac when Fel Squall)



Heroic extra ability: Suffocating Dark

Belac puts a shadow dome on random player.
Standing on this dome does shadow damage and 8 Torment every 1 second and also slowing the movement speed for 50%.

Tactic: Suffocating Dark

Ranged Stand spread on the left side of the platform and as far as possible from boss (hug wall).
Move away fast from the pool when it hits the ground.

Tormented Soul


When players use their extra spell button Confess, they will be sent down under the platform.
Underneath the platform lies a prison cave and a big add called Tormented Soul.

This add needs to be tanked, and has one ability called Tormented Eruption.

Tormented Eruption

This add does fire bombardment around the platform during the entire time players are there.
This add also attack melee attacks.

Tactic: Tormented Soul

This add has too much health and it’s not meant to kill him.
Tank the add.
Run around and dodge the fire attacks.
Spread from each other.
Several Orbs spawns and more Orbs spawns the more dmg the add takes.
You need to run into the Orbs, and once you have enough orbs, you will get an actionbutton that will send you back when you click on it.
The number of Orbs needed are based on how much Torment you have.
The more Torment, the more orbs needed to return up again.  
Get Orbs fast so you come back fast.







11 Mar 2017