New 9.2 zone: Zereth Mortis

A new zone is added in 9.2 called Zereth Morthis.


This is an alien land with alien language that we players don't understand in the beginning. 

Zereth Morthis was created by the first ones and is the place that created all the lands of shadowlands. They are also the ones that have created everything in Azeroth and realms we haven't discovered. 

Our mission is to protect this place from the Jailer. 



The First Ones who crafted Zereth Mortis left behind creatures called Automas. 

Automas was meant to take care of the place so it functions. 

There are different classes of automas in which each one of them have specific roles:

  • Builders
  • Protectors
  • Casters
  • Jiro 

New Hub: Haven

Haven is the foothold for us players. 

In Haven there are Automas and also enlightened brokers.

These brokers arrived a very long time ago. 

The most important broker players will meet is called Ferrin. 

Ferrin needs our help and we need his help. 

The Language

Players cannot communicate with these Automa NPCs due to the language.

The language they used is runic, meaning it is based on symbols. 

Players will learn the language eventually with the help of Ferrin by interacting with something called The Cypher of the First ones.

Learning the language more and more, will unlock new content such as:

  • Daily quest
  • More vendor options.
  • New areas to explore
  • New side quests
  • New powers


12 Nov 2021