World Boss Kordac Guide - The War Within

Kordac is one of the formidable world bosses in The War Within, a thrilling expansion of the World of Warcraft universe. As a central figure in the Isle of Dorn, Kordac poses a significant challenge to players brave enough to confront him. This guide will provide valuable insights into Kordac's location, abilities, and strategies for defeating this powerful adversary.


Adventurers seeking to face Kordac must prepare for a perilous journey to the center of this foreboding island.


Excess Power

Kordac unleashes orbs of raw power onto the ground, each capable of increasing the damage dealt by those who possess them. These orbs can stack up to 10 times, empowering players for a limited duration. It is essential to manage the acquisition and reapplication of these orbs to maximize their benefits and turn the tides of battle.

Arcane Lasers

Random players become targets of Kordac's arcane lasers, which relentlessly pursue them, leaving hazardous pools in their wake. Quick reflexes and strategic movement are vital for evading these deadly beams and minimizing their impact on the battlefield.

Titanic Impact

Kordac's immense strength allows him to unleash a devastating slam upon the ground, causing widespread destruction. Players must be vigilant and prepared to evade this earth-shaking assault to avoid catastrophic consequences.

Arcane Bombardment

The skies themselves bend to Kordac's will as he rains down arcane missiles upon random locations on the ground. Surviving this onslaught requires swift reaction times and precise positioning to mitigate the damage inflicted by these relentless barrages.

15 Jun 2024