Where to get Untapped Forbidden Knowledge

Untapped Forbidden Knowledge is used to upgrade primal gear from 385 to 395 ilvl. You use this item on the item upgrade NPC and there is one added in Moqut Village in Forbidden Reach. 

There are different ways to get Untapped Forbidden Knowledge.

  • Elite Rares 
    There are 16 Elite Rares per day that can drop Untapped Forbidden Knowledge
  • Treasure Chests (Forbidden Hoard)
    There are special treasure chests guarded by some elite mobs. These treasures are called Forbidden Hoard. One forbidden hoard is up at a time with a 20 min spawn time. When it is up, it is up for 10 minutes. There is a chance to get Untapped Forbidden Knowledge from these chests. 
  • Sack of Oddities
    The Dragonscale expedition vendor sells a bag called Sack of Oddities. It has a chance on giving you Untapped Forbidden Knowledge. The sack costs 1000 elemental overflow. 
  • Randon mobs
    Yes, just random mobs in the Forbidden Reach has a chance on dropping Untapped Forbidden Knowledge. 
19 Feb 2023