Where are the Heirlooms? No worries

So, at last the Heirlooms are fixed and will be live on patch 6.1! Are you one of those that have lost Heirlooms some were on some char so you have to buy the same one again over and over? Well, have no fear the Heirloom Tab is here! Now (patch 6.1) you can see all your heirlooms in a tab instead!

  • You can now purchase the Heirlooms for gold!
  • The Heirlooms scale from 1-60.
  • The new Heirlooms can be upgraded to lvl 90 and lvl 100!
  • YES, you can have same Heirlooms on different chars at the same time, just click the heirloom to create one for that character.
  • If you enchant any thou, it will only be enchanted for that Heirloom on that char its on BUT
  • You can still mail the Heirlooms to between your chars
13 Jan 2015