WHELP DAYCARE - The DREAM for pet collectors AND everyone else!

Pet collectors and also anyone that likes baby dragons will LOVE this questline where you will become a caretaker. This entire story is filled with fun activities, achievements, rewards, pets titles and all that good stuff. Also, thank you lazey for helping! 


These are the pets you can get the main storyline

 Rusziona - an Obsidian Hatchling, at day 4

 Belastrasza - a Ruby Hatchling, at day 8

 Zhusadormu - a Bronze Hatchling,

 Zalethgos - an Azure Hatchling

 Posidriss - an Emerald Hatchling

These are the pets you get from the main story line as well but in between the whelpling rewards


These seems to be the pets that are part of it.

Update (2023-06-02)

It has been conformed by Lazey that these are the pets tied to the questline . Check out the timepoints when you will be rewarded with the different pets. 


Princess Vorquinstrasza


25 May 2023