FULL GUIDE: Artisan Curios & Profession Rares

Special thanks to Leyst, Lazey(Patford) and Vikmourne for helping finding all this. 


In 10.0.7 WoW, you will be in the “new” zone called Forbidden Reach. This is a sandbox for max leveled characters. One of the things we see on this island is rares and there are 29 rares in total. There are two types of rares: Elite Rares and Hidden Rares. 

This guide is about the Hidden rares. Out of the 29 rares, there are 13 hidden rares. These 13 hidden rares are spawned with the help of the different professions. There are 13 professions and each profession can spawn a hidden rare. They spawn rares in different ways and are therefore divided in Crafting professions and Gathering professions. 

How to spawn rares with Gathering Professions

Gathering professions can spawn rares as soon as they have a special item (Artisan Curios) needed for spawning that hidden rare. It seems that you will get the Artisan Curios when using your profession. Herbalism will have a chance of getting it when herbing, skinning has a chance to get it when skinning mobs. Fishing has a chance of getting it when fishing and mining have a chance of getting in when mining nodes. The Artisan Curios from gathering professions are not soulbound so you can sell it on the auction house and players that don't have that profession can buy the item from the auction house and use it to spawn these hidden rares in forbidden reach. Once a gatherer has the special item needed, there is a special location on where to use that item and spawn the rare.

Dormant Lifebloom Seeds Herbalism Kangalo
Amplified Quaking Stone Mining Tectonus
Razor-Sharp Animal Bone Skinning Faunos
Elusive Croaking Crab Fishing Sir Pinchalot



The item is called “Lifebloom Seeds”. Once you have the Lifebloom Seed, you can activate and spawn the rare that is tied to herbalism at a location called “Planting Seed”. See map on the location where you will find “Planting Seed”. 


The item is called “Sharpened Bone”. Once you have the Sharpened Bone, you can activate and spawn the rare that is tied to skinning at a location called “Raw Argali Pelts”. See map on the location where you will find “Raw Argali Pelts”. 


The item is called “Croaking Trap”. Once you have the Croaking Trap, you can activate and spawn the rare that is tied to fishing at a location called “Empty Crab Trap”. See map on the location where you will find “Empty Crab Trap”.


The item is called “Quaking Stone”. Once you have the quaking stone, you can activate and spawn the rare tied to mining at a location called “Breaking Ground”. See map on the location where you will find Quaking Stone. 

How to spawn rares with Crafting Professions

Crafting professions can spawn rares as soon as they have a special item (Artisan Curios) needed for spawning the hidden rare. This Artisan Curios is broken when you find it and can only be repaired via a special crafting profession, based on what Artisan Curios it is. At the moment, you can find these Artisan Curios items from random mobs but we will see what will happen in later PTR builds. 

A crafting profession can repair the broken Artisan Curios, only when they have learned how to repair it. All 9 crafting professions can learn to repair a special Artisan Curios tied to their profession. These recipes are bought from a vendor located in Morqut Village in the Forbidden Reach. You need to have 50 in profession skill to learn it. Each pattern costs 10 Artisan´s Mettle. Trader Hag´arth <Artisan´s Consortium Quartermaster> sells these recipes:

 Dampening Powder Draconic Suppression Powder Alchemy Agni Blazehoof
 Damaged Trident Ancient Ceremonial Trident Blacksmithing Tidesmith Zarviss
 Dull Crystal Glowing Crystal Bookmark Enchanting Manathema
Broken Gnomish Voicebox Gnomish Voicebox Engineering Fimbol
Hastily Scrawled Rune Arcane Dispelling Rune Inscription Arcantrix
Crystal Fork Crystal Tuning Fork Jewelcrafting Amephyst
Pristine Pelt Reinforced Pristine Leather Leatherworking Snarfang
Torn Morqut Kite Traditional Morqut Kite Tailoring Gareed
Lackluster Spices Sparkling Spice Pouch Cooking Luttrok

The items that need to be repaired can be found by anyone. You don´t need to have that profession to find it. However, the repaired item is NOT soulbound. You can sell it on an auction house or trade it. If you find one of these items, you can put an order as a crafting order. 

Once you have a Artisan Curios, you can spawn the hidden rare tied to it. Here are the locations for all crafting profession rares. 

It seems that each profession has two different locations that of which you spawn a rare. But only one is up per time. When someone has spawned a rare on that locaiton, it is a 5 minute cooldown before it shows up again, but the next time it shows up, it will show up on the other location. 

Neutralizing Agent

Use it on Volatile Brazier

Ceremonial Trident

Use it on Farcale Shrine. This shrine has been found in two locations. 

Sparkling Spice Pouch

Use it on Spiceless Stew

Glowing Crystal Bookmark

Use it on Book of Arcane Entities


Gnomish Voicebox

Use it on Damaged Buzzspire 505

Dispelling Rune

Use it on Spellspworn Ward

Tuning Fork

Use it on Resonant Crystal
The crystal has been found in two locations. If someone has spawned the rare then you look at the other location. 



Inside the cave. 

Reinforced Leather Patch

Use it on Tuskarr Tanning Pack

Morqut Kite

Use it on Tuskarr Kite Post. 


Here are all the rares tied to the Professions 

Herbalism Kangalo
Mining Tectonus
Skinning Faunos
Fishing Sir Pinchalot
Alchemy Agni Blazehoof
Blacksmithing Tidesmith Zarviss
Enchanting Manathema
Engineering Fimbol
Inscription Arcantrix
Jewelcrafting Amephyst
Leatherworking Snarfang
Tailoring Gareed
Cooking Luttrok

What do Hidden Rares drop

What we have seen so far is

  • 100% chance on 5 mettles (once a week). 
  • 100% chance on Elemental Overflow
  • Chance on Untapped Forbidden Knowledge
  • Chance on primal gear
  • If you kill the rare tied to one of your professions, you will also get profession knowledge points. 


What we also know is that the rare Amephyst that is tied to Jewelcrafting, drops the design: Unstable Elementium. Learning this will let them be able to craft Unstable Elementium which is needed to upgrading Primordial Stones all the way to 424 ilvl. Basically, this will upgrade your primordial ring from 411 to 424 ilvl. 

Maybe we will see other hidden rares dropping patterns tied to a profession. But if that is the case, it seems that you have to have that profession that rare is tied to, and maybe on a certain skill level to be able to loot it. I will update this page when we know more. 

Also, these rares are part of the two achievements

  • Adventurer of the Forbidden Reach
  • Champion of the Forbidden Reach



22 Feb 2023