What are Spellsworn Archivist - 10.0.7

The Spellsworn store information in certain crystals to serve members of their order.

In patch 10.0.7 you will need this information in order to find various items in the Forbidden Reach, such as:

  • Draconic Artifact (used as currency to buy Dragonscale Supply Crate from Dragonscale Expedition vendor in Morqut Village, Forbidden Reach). 
  • Woundrous Fish (used as currency to buy Iskaara Supply Bag from Iskaara vendor in Morqut Village, Forbidden Reach). 
  • Token of Blessing (used as currency to buy Maruuk Supply Bundle from Clan Teerai vendor in Morqut Village, Forbidden Reach). 
  • Mysterious Writings (used as currency to buy Valdrakken Supply Chest  from Valdrakken vendor in Morqut Village, Forbidden Reach). 

By finding scrolls in the Forbidden Reach, these Spellsworn Archivist (Spellsworn Crystals), will tell you where to find these treasures. 

How to inract with Spellsworn Archivist

To be able to interact with these crystals, you must pretend that you are a member of their order. 

You must first complete the small questline "Spellsworn Crystals". 

This starts with the quest Signed, Sealed Delivered. 
This questlone wants you to attune to the 4 Spelssworn Crystals. 

Onces completed, you have unlocked so that you can interact with Spellsworn Archivists. 

Once you find scrolls from rares, treasures etc, you can go to a Spellsworn Archivists and it will point out the treasure on the map. 

Here are the 4 locations of the Spellsworn Archivists (spellsowrn Crystals).


8 Feb 2023