Weekly Dungeon Quest in The War Within

The Weekly Dungeon quest is a recurring quest in The War Within expansion of World of Warcraft. This quest offers players the opportunity to complete one of the dungeons each week. By completing this quest, players can earn 1500 reputation points and choose which renown or reputation faction they want to gain reputation with.

Quest Details

To begin the Weekly Dungeon quest, players should seek out the NPC named Biergoth. Biergoth can be found in the Isle of Dorn, located in Dornagar. Once players have accepted the quest from Biergoth, they will receive a specific dungeon to complete for the week. The dungeon may change each week, providing a variety of challenges and experiences.


Upon successfully completing the assigned dungeon, players will be rewarded with 1500 reputation points. The unique aspect of this quest is that players get to choose which renown or reputation faction they want to gain reputation with. This allows players to focus on the faction that aligns with their current goals and interests.

Tips for Completing the Weekly Dungeon Quest

Here are a few tips to help you successfully complete the Weekly Dungeon quest:

  1. Gather a group: Dungeons are best tackled with a group of friends or fellow adventurers. Coordinate with your guild or use the in-game group finder to assemble a team.
  2. Prepare your gear: Make sure your gear is up to date and suitable for the difficulty level of the assigned dungeon. Repair any damaged equipment and stock up on consumables before entering the dungeon.
  3. Study the dungeon: Familiarize yourself with the mechanics and layout of the assigned dungeon. Watch out for boss abilities, traps, and other challenges that may arise during your adventure.
  4. Communicate and cooperate: Communication is key in dungeons. Coordinate with your group members, assign roles, and work together to overcome obstacles and defeat bosses.
  5. Enjoy the experience: Dungeons offer exciting encounters and valuable rewards. Embrace the challenge, learn from each experience, and enjoy the journey.

Remember to turn in the completed quest to Biergoth in Isle of Dorn to receive your well-earned rewards.

5 Jun 2024