FULL GUIDE - Pre-Patch War Within - Release Date, Rewards, How it works

When does Pre-Patch come out

Based on warcraft datafiles (That Toolock found), Pre-Patch Event is scheduled ATM on July 30th!

Could mean that US getting it on 30th and EU gets it on 31st.

How does it Work

Updated 24.07.15
You will be able to do a memory event in one of the three zones

  • Searing Gorge
  • Dustwallow Marsh
  • Dragonblight

On the first week when this event goes live (30th July), the event will start every 90 minutes. 
On the second week of the event, it will start every 60 minutes. 
On the 3rd and 4th week of the event, it will start every 30 minutes. 

There is a portal in lower center Dalaran (new Dalaran). Where you will find portals to each of these 3 zones. The one that is up is more highlighted. 

You can also check the world map for which of zones that event takes place. 

The event has 3 Stages

Stage 1

Defeat the Congealed Memories. 
In this stage you will defear mobs in an area. 

Stage 2 

Defeat the gathering Memories. 

In this stage you will complete objectives in 6 different areas. 

You can see the progress if they are completed or not as well by looking at the memory orbs showing on your UI. 

Stage 3

Defeat the boss that spawns. 

  • Searing Gorge will have Ragnaros as boss. 
  • Dustwallow Marsh will have Onyxia as boss. 
  • Dragonblight will have as boss. 

What are the Rewards

When participating in the event, you will get a currency called Residual Memories.

With these, you can buy mounts, pets, Veteran Gear and more from different vendors. One vendor is located in the portal room under center of New Dalaran. The other vendors are located next to each portal on each of the event zones. 

Update 23-06-19

The Veteran Gear cannot be turned into Tier Gear at the Catalyst. 


Update 24-07-15

Buying one of the Remembered Mounts (Gryphon/Wind Rider), will unlock both mounts, alliance and horde. So you only need to buy one of the mounts and you get both. Shoutout to Toolock for updating this!


Residual Memories

Lifeless Stone Ring

You can restore this ring by gathering essences from the event that you use to retore it. 


Defender´s Hefty Satchel
32 Slot bag


Remembered Golden Gryphon
Mount (Alliance)


Remembered Wind Rider
Mount (Horde)


Remembered Spawn


Remembered Construct


Remembered  Riverpaw


Necklace, Rings, Trinkets, Backs, wrist,


Waist, Hands, Feet, Shoulder


Head, Legs, Chest


Two-Hand, Crossbow, 






How to Farm Residual Memories

Residual Memories can be sent to alts so you can farm it and send to another of your characters. 

You get this currency by participating in the events. Here is a list on how much you get from different sources. 

Weekly Quest
Each zone will have a weekly quest to kill the boss in that zone. Each weekly quest rewards 1500 Residual Memories. There are 3 zones, meaning 3 weekly quests so a total of 4500 per week per character. 

Update 23-06-19

The same quest can be completed on more than one character per week. 


Elite mobs in the area gives 5 Residual Memories when killed. 

Non-Elite mobs in the area gives 1 Residual Memories when killed. 

Completing an objective gives 10  Residual Memories when completed.

Killing Boss
Completing last wave (killing boss) gives 500 Residual Memories.

Intermission Event

While waiting for the next event to start, you can kill some of the mobs in the zone. You will find marked areas in the zones where the mobs that will give you Residual Memories when killed.


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