Visual effect on Cavern Delver´s Gear - Cloth

A new item called Ambrosial Sporestone has been added to the 10.1.7 database. This item is similar to two other items in Dragonflight, the Gleaming Incarnate Thunderstone and the Obsidian Aspectral Earthstone, which are rewards for completing at least one of three seasonal end game objectives. Gleaming Incarnate Thunderstone is for Dragonflight season 1, and Obsidian Aspectral Earthstone is for Dragonflight season 2. These items add a visual effect to certain gear, the Vault of the Incarnates class set appearances for the season 1 and Aberrus, the Shadowed crucible class set appearances for the season 2.

Ambrosial Sporestone will unlock visual effects for the Cavern Delver's Gear set appearances, of which there are six different types. All except one set can be obtained in the outdoor world, with the Dawn of the Infinite set being the exception. 

You get the Ambrosial Sporestone by completing an achievement called "Neltharion´s Legacy".

How to complete Neltharion´s Legacy

To complete this achievement, you need to:

- Complete Zaralek Cavern meta achievement (Que Zala(lek))
- Defeat Iridkron in the new Megadungeon
- Defeat Chrono-Lord Deios in the new Megadungeon
- Reach rank 5 with Soridormi
- Complete the quest "Suffusion Camp"
- Complete the 10.1 Raid on any difficulty
- Defeat Captain Ryekal  in Research under fire event.
- Complete the Dreamsurge quest "Shaping the Dreamsurge".
- Complete the Kalecgos storyline that bonds the Blue Dragonflight. 


How does the Visual Effect look for Cloth

The Visual Effect of the Ambrosial Sporestone affects Head and shoulders.

Here is the Anachronistic Set (Cloth).

Here is the Infinite Set (Cloth).

Here is the Moonless Set (Cloth).

Here is the Endowed Set (Cloth).

Here is the Suffused Set (Cloth).

Here is the Zaralek Set (Cloth).





30 Aug 2023