• This fight has 3 phases.
    In phase 1 you will fight waves of adds and deal with boss abilities. You cannot attack boss.
    In phase 2 you will fight boss and remaining adds.
    In phase 3 boss will cast only one ability (Core Overload) that does higher and higher dmg until the fight is over.


  • PHASE 1
    Dodge markings on the ground that boss shoots.
    Player with arrow on head, run away from raid.

    There are 4 types of adds.
    You start pull with one Sentry active and boss will spawn Sentry´s periodically.
    Tanks face Sentry away from raid and nuke it down, cleave the other adds until this one is dead.
    5 Smaller adds spawns periodically called Materium. Cleave/AoE them.
    3 Drones spawns periodically. Pull them to the fight or tanks take the fight to where they are standing. They shoot at random players and teleports around.
    3 Defense Matrix will be active eventually. They stand still and has a Force field around them. When boss reaches 100 energy it will shoot Exposed Core. Stand inside the field then.

    Normal mode the Matrix die after the Exposed Core, Heroic, you have to kill them.

    When Matrix is dead it drops an orb on the ground. All 3 orbs must be picked up and dropped at boss to reach phase 2.

  • PHASE 2
    You fight boss and remaining adds.
    Raid takes moderate dmg all the time, beware healers.
    Targeted player runs far away from raid. Entire raid dodges the big orbs.
    Dodge markings on ground.
    Stand behind boss and tanks phase boss away from raid.
    Tank swap each pneumatic impact.

  • PHASE 3
    Use bloodlust/heroism/Timewarp and all other dps cooldowns and kill boss.
    Healers beware of heavy dmg and use healing cooldowns.


22 Feb 2022