Valor Points in Shadowlands – patch 9.0.5

World of Warcraft is back with Valor points. This is a 

What is Valor Points

currency you get from the start of patch 9.0.5.
You use Valor Pints to upgrade specific gear.
It is only gear that you get from mythic plus dungeons that you can upgrade. 

How to get Valor points

For now, you can farm valor points in two ways:

  • Completing mythic dungeons.
  • Complete callings
    Rewards 35 Valor per quest. 

How to unlock higher ilvl gear to upgrade

The ilvl on gear to upgrade to, is based on your progress in mythic dungeons.


Upgrade to (ilvl)   Objectives
200                                      Complete all 8 mythic dungeons
207                                     Complete all 8 mythic dungeons in level 5 or higher
213                                      Complete all 8 mythic dungeons in level 10 or higher
220                                      Complete all 8 mythic dungeons in level 15 or higher


Is there a weekly cap on farming Valor points

Weekly Cap
The first week will start with 5000 Valor points Cap.
Each week will increase the cap with 750 more Valor points. 


How to upgrade mythic dungeon gear

You can upgrade one piece of gear 12 times. Datamining that shows that you can upgrade it 14 times later on. 

Rank Item Level
1 184
2 187
3 190
4 194
5 197
6 200
7 203
8 207
9 210
10 213
11 216
12 220

One rank increases the the ilvl by 3 or 4. 

How much does it cost to upgrade

What is datamined is that you can upgrade a piece of gear 12 times, with future upgrades later on in the game, up to 14 times.

The value prices are 250, 400, 475, 500, 750 and 1000 Valor.

250 Valor
Shield, Offhand, Ring, Cloak, Bracer, Neck

400 Valor
Trinket, Belt, Shoulders, Gloves, Boots

475 Valor
Helm, Legs, Chest

500 Valor
One-Handed Agility Weapon

750 Valor
One-Handed Intellect Weapon

1000 Valor
Two-Handed Weapon


11 Feb 2021