Upgrading Ships Guide

You can upgrade your ships by attaching equipment’s on them, which makes them stronger and higher success chance on missions.

Each ship has 2 Equipment slots.
You can unlock the first slot when the ship has Rare Status
You can unlock the second slot when the ship has Epic Status.

Equipment are achieved by having the blueprints for them.
You get these blueprints by following the shipyard quest line and by doing naval missions.

After achieving a blueprint, you can buy several of the same equipment to your ships.
The shipyard vendor will sell them to you for 50 Garrison Resources each.

The equipment can use special abilities or assist a certain ship and even have special treats. Remember that when applying an equipment on a ship, you cannot change it later. 

There are 16 types of Equipment

Equipment name


Blast Furnace


Felsmoke Launcher

First Strike

Bilge Pump

Stormy Weather

Ice Cutter

Icy Water

Ammo Reserves

Assist Battle ship

True Iron Rudder


Trained Shark tank


High Intensity Fog Lights

Dense Fog

Gyroscopic Internal Stabilizer

Chaotic Whirlpools

Automated Sky Scanner

Assist Carrier

Extra Quarters

Assist Transport

Q-43 Noisemaker Mines

Assist Submarine

Sonic Amplification Field

Assist Destroyer

Tuskarr Fishing Net

Supplies fish when success mission


Saving the ship from getting destroyed

Ghostly Spyglass

Not known for now

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