Try Battle for Azeroth for free for 3 days!

You can try Battle for Azeroth for free, for 3 days. 

Once your trial is complete, you can purchase Battle for Azeroth, which includes a level 110 Character Boost to unlock the character of your choice.

This is how u do

To get started, download and open the Blizzard Desktop App.

In the app, click the gift icon and then click Claim to begin your 3-day expansion trial.

Next, install World of Warcraft, or click Play if your client is already up to date.

Once you're in-game, select the class you'd like to play, and create your new character using the Class Trial (Level 110) option. Then complete an introductory scenario that shows you how to play the class you've chosen. Get familiar with your new skills, and charge forth to battle. You can test multiple characters, so try whichever you'd like!

You can also log into an existing character if you'd like to see where you left off on your previous journeys, but only new characters can experience content beyond the Siege of Lordareon.

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19 Oct 2018