Treasures of Emerald Dream - ALL Locations

Completing this achievement will reward the Head Transmog - Forest Lord´s Antlers. 

This achievement requires you to find and loot 10 special treasures in Emerald Dream. 

There are 6 special Treasures scattered in the Emerald Dream. Each treasure will have a nice reward but also 200 non-token reputation. Here are the way point locations for all six.

/way 47.47, 34.92 Hidden Podling Stash
/way 39.72, 52.14 Triflesnatch's Roving Trove
Starts by interacting with the owl Triflesnatcher. Follow it and interact with it once it lands. Three times and then you get the loot.
The other locations the bird goes to are (/way 42.23, 56.30   /way 34.09 56.34)

/way 55.27, 57.25 Odd Burl
/way 64.35 61.31 Start Magical Bloom
/way 61.68 59.59 End Magical Bloom
/way 37.26, 30.67 Pineshrew Cache
/way 39.15, 65.48 Crystalline-Glowblossom


There are four statues scattered in Emerald Dream that you can interact with, a wolf, a bird, a bear and a “panther”. There are also four types of Marks that are scattered in the Emerald Dream: a wolf mark, a bird mark, a bear mark and a “panther” mark.

Interacting with a mark will summon that animal as a spirit for 1 minute. If you have the animal spirit with you, then you will be able to interact with the statue and show that you are worthy. This will reward you with a chest. Based on what statue that gave you the chest, it will contain a specific transmog. 

Location of Bear Statue

/way 47.05, 53,08 Statue of the Bear Lord

Location of Bear Mark

/way 47.17, 50.87 Mark of Ursol

Location of Bird Statue

/way 64.22, 19.26 Statue of the Mistress

Location of Bird Mark

/way 59.93, 18.97 Mark of Aviana

Location of Panther Statue

Cave Entrance - /way 63.46, 71.67 Cave Entrance

Mark location Inside the Cave - /way 62.09, 74.63 Mark of Ashamane

Location of Panther Mark

Cave Entrance - /way 63.46, 71.67 Cave Entrance

Statue location Inside the Cave - /way 63.39, 72.96 Statue of the Ashen Panther

Location of Wolf Statue

/way 33.10, 82.51 Statue of the Great Wolf

Location of Wolf Mark

/way 30.82, 80.69 Mark of Goldrinn

18 Oct 2023