Craft TIER Gear with gear from Zereth Mortis

A new change was made today when it comes to crafting Tier gear with the Creation Catalyst. 

When the Catalyst is unlocked, you will be able to craft Tier gear from special gear in Zereth Mortis. It is the 246 ilvl gear sold by the Vendor NPC Rafiq. 


This gear vendor has following:


The currency to buy this gear is called Sandworn Relic. Check further down on how to get your hands on those relics.

LEATHER- Staccato Gear Set
MAIL - Anthemic Gear set
CLOTH - Choral Gear Set
PLATE - Harmonium Gear Set


Where is the 246 ilvl gear vendor located

There is an NPC called Elder Rafiq that sells these items. This NPC is located in Pilgrim´s Grace in Zereth Mortis (60.59, 51.10)

What does it cost

The currency is Sandworn Relics and you need a total of 2070, if you want to buy the entire set. 

Gear Sandworn Relics
Back 160
Wrist 160
Belt 160
Feet 230
Hands 230
Shoulder 230
Chest 300
Head 300
Legs 300

When can I craft Tier Gear

Crafting tier gear becomes available 8 weeks after patch 9.2 launches.

How often can I craft Tier Gear

When you craft a tier gear, the catalyst needs to recharge before you can craft again.
At start you can craft 1 tier gear per week.
This will change over time so that you can craft more tier gear per week.
After a certain time, you can craft tier gear every other day.

So if you start playing your alt weeks after the creation catalyst is out, then you can craft tier gear more often. It is just at the beginning when the creation catalyst comes out that you have to wait longer time for the catalyst to recharge.

Where can I craft tier gear

The location to craft tier gear is located in Catalyst Garden, Zereth Mortis. It is the area furthest down on the map. Coordinates are 47.45, 88.58 (see map). It is inside the big tower.

You craft tier gear by using the Creation Catalyst Console.

How to Craft Tier Sets

What gear can I craft into a Tier gear

The gear that you can make into a tier gear must be a Season 3 gear from one of the following:

  • Rated PvP
  • New Raid – Sepulcher of the First Ones
  • Mythic +
  • Sandworn Relic Gear from Rafiq. 

Following gear slot becomes a tier gear

  • Head
  • Shoulder
  • Chest
  • Hands
  • Legs

What ilvl can I craft

The gear that you add into the catalyst will become the same ilvl when you craft it into a tier gear.

For example if you add a 252 Head piece, then you will get a tier head piece with 252 ilvl.

Changes the secondary stats

At the moment on the PTR, when adding an item with for example crit and versatility, the tier gear becomes another secondary stat, for example haste and versatility instead.

Non-tier gear can be added as well (PTR)

If you add a non-tier gear on the PTR, you actually get a new gear with the same ilvl but a different secondary stat on it.

For example if you add a wrist with Haste/Vers it into the Creation Catalyst Console, it can become a Crit/Mastery.

The following non tier slot gear can be added into the Creation Catalyst Console, but doesn’t become a tier gear.

  • Back
  • Wrist
  • Waist
  • Feet

The following non tier slot gear cannot be added into the Creation Catalyst Console

  • Neck
  • Finger
  • Trinket

What does it cost to craft Tier Gear

The currency to craft Tier gear is called Cosmic Flux.

  • Head cost 1500 Cosmic Flux
  • Shoulder cost 1200 Cosmic Flux
  • Chest cost 1500 Cosmic Flux
  • Hands costs 1200 Cosmic Flux
  • Legs costs 1500 Cosmic Flux

If the other gear slots work as well then the costs will be

  • Back
    Costs: 600
  • Wrist
    Costs: 600
  • Waist
    Costs: 800
  • Feet
    Costs: 800
  • Finger
    Doesn’t work
  • Neck
    Doesn’t work
  • Trinket
    Doesn’t work


6 Apr 2022