What you can do this week in WoW (Jan w1)

Hope you all had a great New Year Celebration! In the World of Warcraft, we will start 2016 with some nostalgia, namely Timewalking Event which takes us back to Lich King dungeons.

For players that don’t know what Timewalking Event is, here is a summary:

  • You will be able to queue up for randomly selected old-school dungeons from The Burning Crusade expansion, Wrath of the Lich King expansion and Cataclysm expansion.
  • Your gear will be scaled to the certain lvl you normally had back then on that specific dungeon.
  • You will have an original cool look and name of the items from these dungeons instead of a small text under your items saying transmog from …
  • The loots you get from bosses are scaled to an item lvl appropriate for use at your lvl (max 675)

I have covered some guides and information regarding Timewalking events that is still good to look at.

Timewalking Vendor Guide


Guide: Fastest way to grind 5000 Timewarped Badges


Timewalking Mount

Don’t forget that you now have a chance to loot the Mount (Infinite Timereaver) from all bosses Timewalking Dungeons.

New Dungeon added – Pit of Saron

Actually, this dungeon isn’t that new since it was released when patch 6.2.3 came out, but we haven’t done any Lich King Event since the patch came out 17th Nov (18th EU). This dungeon came out in the later part of this expansion and is actually the 2nd wing (out of 3) of Frozen Halls.  

Other dungeons during this event are:

The Nexus (Nexus/Nex)
Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom
Gundrak (GD)
Halls of Lightning (HOL)
Utgarde Pinnacle (UP)

Except from Timewalking Event we also have the Darkmoon Faire that started 3rd Jan and ends at 9th Jan.

At the end of the week (Jan 10) we will also have the fishing tournament in Stranglethorn Vale.
I will make a guide for the fishing Tournament later on this week.

Enjoy your first week of the year!

4 Jan 2016