Macro Interface

General Macros Tab:
Here you can put any macro you want. These are shared across your account and can be used on other characters that you haven't made the macro on.

Character Specific Macros Tab:
Here you can put any macro you want, but you can only use it on that specific character, unless you make it again on another character. This tab is useful for different class macros, which we'll be getting into later.

Starts to make a new macro

Deletes a macro. Click on a macro and click delete to delete a macro

Exits the Macro interface

Change Name/Icon:
Changes the name and/or icon of your macro. This will be useful if you forget what your macro does, a new icon or name may help you to remember in a sticky situation as to what the macro does, which may save your life!

Tip: If you choose the question mark icon, WoW will automatically pick an icon for your macro based on what spells or items are listed in the macro.

Saves a macro. If you decide to edit when your macro is already made, make sure to click this to save your macro. If you don't, the information you type in will be lost!

Cancels the changes you've made while editting your macro.