The NEW Customizable Mount in the War Within: Delver's Dirigible

The Delver's Dirigible is a new mount introduced in the War Within expansion of World of Warcraft. It is a highly customizable mount that can be obtained through Delves, which are new outdoor content featuring bite-sized dungeons. The mount can be customized using Airship Schematics, which are similar to the Manuscripts used to customize dragonriding mounts in the Dragonflight expansion. The customization options for the Delver's Dirigible include various colors, noses, wings, thrusters, tops, and decals,

Obtaining Airship Schematics

To obtain Airship Schematics for customizing the Delver's Dirigible, players can earn Delve Reputation. The more reputation they earn, the more Airship Schematics will be unlocked.

These schematics are available from a vendor named Reno Jackson, located in the Delver's Headquarters in Dornogal City on the Isle of Dorn. It is important to note that the Airship Schematics tied to reputation are unlocked when Season 1 starts.

Additionally, players can also purchase Airship Schematics that are not tied to reputation from Sir Finley Mrgglton, using a currency called Undercoin. Undercoin can be obtained by looting chests at the end of a Delve run, with higher-tier Delve difficulties rewarding more Undercoin.

30 May 2024