The Intriguing Tale of Traitor's Rest and the 10.2.6 Pirate Theme

These are speculations based on information. 
Thank you Toolock for helping with this information as well. 

The captivating journey of Traitor's Rest begins with an NPC named Eadweard Dalyngrigge, the lead archivist of the Azerothian Archives and an archbishop emeritus. Eadweard Dalyngrigge pens the enthralling Story of Traitor's Rest, a diary-like narrative that unfolds over the course of six chapters, each representing a week of the event. To acquire the complete story, participants must engage in the event for six weeks, as indicated by an associated achievement.

Each week of the event reveals a new chapter, gradually unraveling the mysteries of Traitor's Rest. However, on the Public Test Realm (PTR), access to the final chapter (week 6) is currently unavailable, leaving adventurers eagerly anticipating its release on live servers.

Digging deeper into the data surrounding The Story of Traitor's Rest, an intriguing item called the Thoughtful Letter emerges. This enigmatic letter shares the same model as another scroll known as the "Formal Invitation," which is linked to the Tiraguard Sound zone in the Battle for Azeroth expansion.

Furthermore, data suggests that the Siege of Boralus dungeon in Tiraguard Sound has undergone changes, transforming into a maximum level zone.

Now, let's delve into the speculation surrounding the 10.2.6 Pirate Theme. Since the sixth chapter of Traitor's Rest is not accessible on the PTR, we must patiently await its arrival on the live servers. As of now, we are in the fourth week of the event, indicating that the sixth chapter will likely be unlocked on the 20th of February.

If Traitor's Rest is indeed linked to the commencement of the 10.2.6 pirate theme, it is reasonable to expect the release of this highly anticipated patch on the 20th of February or the week after the release of chapter 6, which will be 27th of February. 

The allure of Traitor's Rest and the mysteries it holds continue to captivate adventurers. As we eagerly await the unveiling of the final chapter and the potential arrival of the pirate-themed 10.2.6 patch, the excitement builds. Brace yourselves for an adventure filled with intrigue, as Traitor's Rest and its secrets beckon us into a world of thrilling possibilities.

Here is the diary


6 Feb 2024