The Council of Blood Heroic Mode abilities and tactics - Castle Nathria

The heroic mode part in Council of Blood regards which of the three bosses that is alive as the last one.

Stavros Heroic Mode

When Stavros is the last one:

  • Puts a debuff on all players (Two Left Feet).
    Every time a player moves, it reduces their movement speed by 2% and stacks fast.
    When standing still, the stacks go down fast as well.

If you decide to have this boss as the last one standing, then beware that you must handle his other boss mechanics that requires a lot of movements.

Baroness Frieda Heroic Mode

When Frieda is the last one:

  • When a player takes dmg from Freida, it spawns pools at their location that does moderate shadow dmg every half second. The pools last for 30 sec.

If you decide to keep her as the last one standing, then beware that players will take a lot of random dmg from her first extra ability (Soul Spikes). Have the raid close to each other every time she casts it, so the pools are on certain positions of the platform.

Castellan Niklaus

When Niklaus is the last one:

  • Casts Castellan´s Fury that makes all adds that are killed get a 100% dmg increase for 18 seconds and any other add within 12 yards also gets the buff.

If you decide to keep her as the last one standing, then make sure that the big add (Veteran Stoneguard) does not get this buff. Tank the add further away from adds.

If you kill the waiter adds, stack them up and control them as much as possible to reduce dmg and kill them.

If you don’t kill the waiters, healers must beware with healing cooldown rotations and raid must beware with their survival abilities.

The Attendant add does now get 100% dmg increase but will buff other adds if they die close to the attendant.


17 Jan 2021