The BEST Trinket in Dragonflight

There is a trinket that you can get in Dragonflight that does insane amount of damage. Most likely, this will be fixed before Dragonflight comes live, but you never know. 

The trinket is called Integrated Primal Fire. 
The ilvl is scaled to your character level, starting at level 60, but even at lower ilvl you will do insane damage. 

The highest ilvl is 350 on that trinket. 

Use: Wind up, then unleash a cataclysmic punch upon your target, dealing 105336 Physical damage, 75703 Fire damage, and knocking them up, with a 3 min cooldown. 

I got this trinket first time at lower level with an ilvl of 289.

Here are some videos I posted on twitter, it literally one shoots players. 

Where to get the Integrated Primal Fire trinket

This trinket drops from a mob called Summoned Destroyer. 

This mob is located in The Azure Span (see map)

18 Oct 2022