A “NEW” 10.1.5 RARE FOUND - COOL TOY Loot and More!

There have been two rares added in patch 10.1.5.

 TheStatman found how to find and spawn the other rare that was added in 10.1.5 (Temporal Investi-gator). 

This rare has recently (last night) been hotfixed to actually drop proper loot. Before it only dropped “Trash” Loot. 

To be able to spawn this rare you have to complete the questline that starts with the quest Time, Signature, from Melly Teletone in Eon´s Fringe, Thaldraszus. 

Once you have completed the quest line, head to the “Everywhere Inn” located in Eon´s Fringe. 

Head upstairs and talk to Melly Teletone to receive the item “Mellys Metronographer”.

Head down stairs and use that item behind the bar, and a blob will spawn. 

Buy Ifnintea from that blob. 

You have now 30 seconds to drink it before it despawns from your bag. 

Once you drink it, you will have a 30 sec buff that enables you to see an hourglass. 

This hourglass is located [54,85] at the bottom of the waterfall. 

Once you click on that hourglass, a rare will spawn called Temporal Investi-gator. 

This rare has following Loot

It seems that the first kill loot will always be a toy, Investi-gator's Pocketwatch. 

The toy buff lasts for 60 min, also at the moment in game, there is no cooldown on using the toy. 

The other loots (on other character or killing it another day) will be from a loot table that is shared with 4 other rares in Thaldraszus: 

  • Phleep
  • Sandana the Tempest 
  • Innumerable Ruination
  • Lord Epochbrgl

Here is a link to the loottable: https://www.wowhead.com/item=197008/cliffside-wylderdrake-narrow-stripes-pattern 

Example of stuff they drop are

A Collection of MeHighland Drake: Stag Horns

Cliffside Wylderdrake: Narrow Stripes Pattern

Mantle of Copious Chronologies

Tomorrow's Chains

The gear ilvl is not updated to 10.1.5, which is 415 ilvl. Instead it has the same ilvl as the other rares (350 ilvl). 

1 Aug 2023