Tales of the Exile Guide: All locations of Firim in Exile Part 1-7

The achievement Tales of the Exile is part of the Meta Achievement Unlocking the Secrets that unlocks Zereth Mortis flying.

For this achievement you must find all 7 parts of Firim in Exile. The problem at the moment in the PTR is that you will not see the parts on minimap or on the ground if a player has looted it within the last 5 min.

You can see a yellow big dot on the minimap when you are close to it. If you don´t see the dot, then you have to wait for respawn. 

All 7 locations

Part 1

Next to the main road.
Located on 35.74, 55.47

Part 2

Located on 41.74, 62.46
Located on the bird nest.

Part 3

Located on 37.56, 46.08
Under the bushes.

Part 4

Located on 49.84, 76.50.
It is located under the bushes next to that Jiro.

Part 5

Located on cave entrance 39.01, 31.10
Once you enter the cave, it´s on your right side.

Part 6

Located on 67.41, 25.18
Next to that dead Scarabid.

Part 7

Located on
Just next to the elite worm. The worm can also be dead already so check near that corpse.

29 Jan 2022