System Commands

console - Allows user to view or change global client-side options, or perform certain system commands.
click - Simulate a mouse click on a button.
disableaddons - Disables all addons and reloads the UI.
dump - Displays the value of a given variable.
enableaddons - Enables all addons and reloads the UI.
eventtrace - /eventtrace,/etrace - Allows the user to trace events in-game.
framestack - /framestack,/fstack - Allows the user to see all frames under the cursor.
help - /h,/help,/? - Displays a help message with some basic commands.
logout - /camp,/logout - Logs your character out of the game, back to the character selection screen.
macrohelp - Displays a help message with basic information about creating and using macros.
played - Displays information about your character's time logged in.
quit - /quit,/exit - Exits the game.
random - /random,/rand,/rnd,/roll - Generates a random number.
reload - Reloads the User Interface.
script - /script,/run - Runs a block of LUA code.
stopmacro - Stop processing the current macro.
time - Displays the current time
timetest - Used for benchmarking, also shows FPS.
who - Shows you a list of people matching filtering options