Sun Kings Salvation - Heroic Mode abilities and tactics - Caste Nathria

Heroic mode extra abilities and changes for Sun Kings Salvation.

Phase 1

The Pestering Fiend

  • These are the small adds that spawn loads of.
  • These explode and do dmg within 7 yards.

Tactics: The Pestering Fiend

  • Don’t be close to them when they are about to die.
  • Melee beware.
  • Mass slow/stun them before they are about to die so melee can move away and ranged finish them off.

Phase 2

Blazing Surge

  • On LFR and normal mode, the boss targets the tank position and does the frontal cone dmg.
  • On heroic and mythic, the boss will instead target a random player.

Tactics: Blazing Surge

  • Have the raid spread from each other.
    Melee behind boss.
    Ranged on the side of boss but further away.
  • Be ready to stack up when Ember Blast.
    Mark a melee and a ranged player.
    Ranged will stack on marked ranged player when ember blast
    Melee will stack on marked melee player when ember blast.


23 Dec 2020