Good to know about Garrisons

Garrisons are real zones placed within the actual game world so pick up the location you want to build your own garrison. It allows you to construct your own home base integrated seamlessly with the world instead of a hiding spot far from the action.

There are a total of 21 building types (some of which you will not have access to until you reach level 100).

It can eventually be expanded to hold ten sites, so you have to choose the ones that fits your gameplay.

You can expand your garrison over 3 tiers

You can get sweet rewards from playing the garrison, and that include

-          Epic gear for your character

-          A piece of land to call your own

-          Unique benefits from buildings

-          Limited access to professions you don't have

About buildings

-          unique bonuses per building

-          upgrades

-          customize with specializations

-          Place where you want with plots

-          Variety allows for customization

You can collect followers

-          Many ways to collect

-          Level up by running missions

-          Increase ilevel once maxed out

-          Followers have abilities & traits

-          Quality/Rarity

-          Customize

Run missions

-          Send followers on missions

-          Mix and match followers for the best fit – Abilities & Traits

-          Large variety of missions – Specialized missions


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