Sandworn Relics now Bind on Account

In todays hotfix we got the Sandowrn Relics now Bind on Account. 

There is a Gear vendor in Zereth Mortis in which you can buy 246 ilvl gear. The currency to buy this gear is called Sandworn Relic. Check further down on how to get your hands on those relics. This gear vendor has following:

  • Head
  • Shoulder
  • Back
  • Wrist
  • Waist
  • Feet
  • Hands
  • Chest
  • Leggings

Where is the 246 ilvl gear vendor located

There is an NPC called Elder Rafiq that sells these items. This NPC is located in Pilgrim´s Grace in Zereth Mortis (60.59, 51.10)

What does it cost

The currency is Sandworn Relics and you need a total of 2070, if you want to buy the entire set. 

Gear Sandworn Relics
Back 160
Wrist 160
Belt 160
Feet 230
Hands 230
Shoulder 230
Chest 300
Head 300
Legs 300


This set also looks pretty cool. Here are the different looks.

LEATHER- Staccato Gear Set

MAIL - Anthemic Gear set

CLOTH - Choral Gear Set

PLATE - Harmonium Gear Set

How to farm Sandworn Relics

1) The Sandworn Chest

This chest is located on 60.90, 37.85,in Zereth Mortis, behind the pyramid.

This chest can be obtained once per day. 

There is another chest located at 61.42, 17.64

There is a third one located at 64.82, 33.69 (see map)

How to open Sandworn chests

Once you have gathered 5 fragments, combine them and you have the key to use on the Sandworn chest.

This chest contains:

  • 22 Sandworn Relics
  • 6 Cyperhs of the First Ones
  • 7 Anima items (35 anima in each)

Kill special mobs called Mawsworn strikers. You will find many in this area.
These mobs have a chance to drop an item called Sandworn Chest Key Fragment.

There are also other mobs suck as elite Nathrezim Acanist in the same area that also can drop it.


2) Special Rares

Special Rares drops this as loot. 

One is called Akkaris and located in 64.82, 33.69 (see map)
Drops: 6 Sandworn Relics

General Zarathu
One is called Akkaris and located in 59.68, 22.02 (see map)
Drops: 4-6 Sandworn Relics

3) World Boss

This world boss is located on the north island of Zereth Mortis.
The world boss is called Antros and you can loot this boss once a week. 
This boss drops

10 Sandworn Relics
256 Cyphers of the First Ones
350 Anima

How to get to the island where the world boss is

Travel to 46.08,21.68 (see map). 
There is a portal there that takes you to the island and back as well. 

29 Jul 2022