Guide: How to get Spark of Ingenuity

The Spark of Ingenuity is a crafting item that is always needed when you craft higher quality gear in your profession. For example, gear crafters (leatherworking, tailoring, blacksmithing) need this item to craft 386-418 ilvl gear. You have to unlock it via a quest chain before you can get your hands on the Spark of Ingenuity. 

The first questline to complete is part of the Main Storyline that unlocks when you reach max level. It is called Jump-Start? Jump-Starting! and located in Valdrakken, see map. 

The first part of the questline is following quests: 

  • Jump-Start? Jump-Starting!
  • Tyr´s Footsteps
  • First Challenge of Tyr: Finesse
  • The Sweet Taste of Victory
  • Fueling the Engine
  • Crafting Orders

You will now be awarded with your first Spark of Ingenuity

The Questline consists of 5 challenges:

  • First Challenge: Finesse
  • Second Challenge: Might
  • Third Challenge: Persistence
  • Fourth Challenge: Resourcefulness
  • Fifth Challenge: Ingenuity

Once you complete the first questline all the way to completing Crafting Orders, you will have to wait until Season 1 is live. Then you will get the second questline that rewards a second Spark of Ingenuity (13th Dec US/14th Dec EU). 

The thrid questline will be unlocked 2 weeks after the Season 1 comes live and you will get your third Spark of Ingenuity (27th Dec US/28th Dec EU). 

Two weeks after the third questline is out, then the fourth questline comes out and you will get your fourth Spark of Ingenuity (10th Jan US/11th Jan EU). 

Two weeks after the fourth questline is out, then the fifth questline comes out and you will get your fifth Spark of Ingenuity (24th Jan US/25th Jan EU). 


Once completed, you get the ability to discover Bottled Essences out in the world. 

You will use the Bottled Essence at the Engine of Innovation to get a Spark of Ingenuity. 

How to get more Bottled Essences 

These are rare drops from all type of content in Dragonflight. 
Besd on how much gametime you put, you will get one every 2nd week but if you are unlucky, you it will increase the chance over time to get one. 


1 Nov 2022