Blacksmithing - Time to farm Gold with Legion Timewalking

Next weekly reset we are getting the first Legion Timewalking in which Mage Tower that lasts for two weeks. This will be an event that will bring many players trying a very hard content. 

There will also be a nice amount of players that will go further and farm previous expansion for gear since the gear will be scaled to ilvl 50. 

Check out the two guides I made for min/maxing and gearing up for mage tower. 


In this guide, I´m focusing on you Blacksmithing players out there, because if you have blacksmithing pandaria, then you should definately craft Living Steel Belt Buckles. 

These belt buckles will add an extra socket on a waist that has the ilvl maximum 50, which is the perfect ilvl that players will aim for when farming Legion Timewalking Mage Tower gear.  The main focus on gear is to have several sockets on them and that means ca-ching.



2 Dec 2021