• Boss puts a stacking debuff on players with its abilities.
    Remove the stack when players are around 10 stacks.
    Place a marker on the platform and ALL players stack up, then you trigger the boss to get under ground and jump up on your location. This clears the stacks.
    Boss gets 10% increased stacking buff when this happens.
  • Tanks closest to boss, and stand next to each other.
  • No players on or behind boss (HEROIC), only tanks.
  • Ranged players stay spread (HEROIC).
  • Boss turns to random location and does big frontal dmg. Stay closer to boss so it is easier to dodge it.
  • Healers beware of heavy raid heals when raid has higher stacks of debuff.
  • Healers beware of the 3 players furthest away from boss, they take more dmg and stacking debuff.
  • Does swirls on the ground, mainly on melee players.
20 Feb 2022