Castle Nathria - Raid Boss Tactics - Hungering Destroyer


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Overview - Fast Tactics

  • Two markers, one behind boss for melee, one further back for ranged.
  • Stack up on your maker.
  • Volatile Ejection (Boss shoots a beam) Targeted melee moves left, targeted ranged moves right. Dodge the beam.
  • Tanks
    Swap at 3-4 stacks of Hungering Strikes
    Use defensive when Overwhelm.
  • Desolate does Raid dmg boss cast.
  • Spread when Expunge
    Healers top them up before it happens, the circle around a player gets bigger the less health.
  • HEROIC MODE – Expunge leaves orbs after exploding. Players with immunity run them over to clear them away.
  • Stack up when Gluttonous Miasma (light circle around player, that player must take health from other players). Ranged stack. Melee stack. But be ready for incoming boss abilities that requires spread etc. so stack up fast.
  • Run far from boss when casting Consume. Boss takes your health to himself. Further, the less health taken. 


  • Have 2 markers, one behind boss (Diamond) and one further away behind boss (Star)
  • Tanks turn boss away from raid.
  • Melee stack on diamond.
  • Ranged stack on star.
  • If the raid is small with very few melee/ranged, have one marker behind boss for entire raid to stack up on.

Abilities and Tactics

Overwhelm (Tanks)

  • The boss smashes the tank doing 40k dmg.

Hungering Strikes (Tanks)

  • The boss melee attacks leeches health from the tank
  • If boss attacks the same tank, each melee attack increases boss dmg by 8% and stacks.
  • The stack resets when attacking a new player (tank).  

Tactics – Hungering Strikes and Overwhelm

  • Use defensive when boss does Overwhelm.
  • Tank swap at 4-5 stacks.
  • This is not a debuff on tanks, it’s a buff stack on boss.

Volatile Ejection

  • Boss targets up to 3 players (based on raid size) with arrow on player.
  • After 3 seconds, the boss shoots at the target with a shadow beam.
  • Player hit by the beams take Shadow dmg and 500% increased dmg from the beam for 24 sec.

Tactics: Volatile Ejection

Targeted players (s)

  • Melee to the left side if targeted
  • Ranged to right side if targeted.
  • This ability might only target ranged, if that’s the case, move left or right, away from raid.
  • Targeted players can move away just before boss hits with the beam. The best is to just keep running. Standing still and try to dodge just when boss shoots is hard.


  • Stack up on your marker (ranged star, melee diamond)


  • Torrents erupts from the boss and does Shadow dmg to all players

Tactics: Desolate

  • Raid
    Beware and use abilities to minimize the dmg.
  • Healers
    Beware and top players health back up.


Boss causes each player to do Shadow dmg to all nearby players.

The size of affecting nearby players is proportional to the targeted players missing health when they erupt. The circle around gets bigger.

When the players detonate, an orb spawns at their location.
The rift creates energy that explodes when a player touches it and does Shadow dmg to that player.

Tactics: Expunge

Stay spread from each other.

Heal up players up as much as possible to minimize the circle around them.
Heal up before the Expunge starts, don’t think circle goes down once it starts.

Every player spawns an orb that is there for the rest of the fight.

Have players with immunity to run them over so they get destroyed.

Gluttonous Miasma

Energy surrounds a targeted player and

  • Reduces all healing received by 100%.
  • Puts a debuff that does shadow dmg every 1 sec for 24 sec.
  • Targeted players also leech (take health) from other players

Tactic: Gluttonous Miasma

  • The best is if you stack melee and stack ranged in each group, behind boss.
  • Sometimes, the Volatile Ejection beam can target the same player that has the Gluttonous Miasma debuff. Then the targeted player must move away from the rest and dodge the beam.
  • Sometimes, the Expunge (small circle around you) can target the same player, then entire raid must spread from each other and the targeted player will die.
  • So top the health up fast on targeted player so the raid can handle the other mechanics as soon as they start again.


  • Boss targets all nearby players and pulls them to him and takes a lot of health from them for himself every 2 sec for 18 sec.
  • Players that are further away have less health taken.

Tactic: Consume


  • Run away far from boss until consume is over.
  • Run as far as possible, the further you are, the less health is taken for himself.


23 Jul 2020