Sanctum of Domination Raid Boss Tactics/Guide: The Nine


  • You will fight 2 bosses Kyra and Signe at start, when one of them reaches 15% health, Skyja (the main boss will come, and you will fight all three for a short time until Kyra and Signe dies.
  • The main fight will then be against Skyja.
  • During the entire fight, you will also handle other boss mechanics from 6 other Val’kyrs that will spawn one at a time and do an ability on the platform.
  • When Kyra reaches 100 energy and drags you to her, you run away.
  • When Signe reaches 100 energy and pulls you away, run to her.
  • When add spawns, nuke it asap and interrupt (important) have 1-2 players for that task.
  • 2-3 players for Interrupting the Song of Dissolution that Signe does.
  • Interrupt the Soulful Blast that Signe does.

When main boss comes out (Skyja)

  • When Skyja casts Fragments of Desitny debuff, all debuff players runs to a marker in the outer side of the platform.

    When dispelled run out. Debuff jumps to closest player when dispelled. When only one player is left with all the debuffs and gets dispelled, a pool is created that slows and do dmg. Healers beware.

    When players get debuff a second time, all of them stack on the right side of the pool and rinse, repeat.

  • Tank swap every 30 sec.
  • Healers beware, this fight has a lot of incoming dmg to raid.

The Val´kyrs

The extra 6 Val’kyrs spawns when Skyja has 100 energy from the start to the end of the fight.

  • Dodge the lines on the ground
  • One player stands on each marked location that Aradne puts on the platform.
  • Targeted players with circle around them runs away from raid.
  • Move boss away from the big defensive circle.
  • Stay spread when debuff
  • Stack on player with circle and swirl on. That player runs to the boss for easier stacking.


  • One tank on each boss (Kyra and Signe).
  • Tank them in the center of the platform
  • Raid spread out around.
  • Phase 2
  • Tank boss (Skyja) in center
  • Raid have one side marked and do NOT stand there. It is for the first Fragments of Destiny debuff.

Phase 1

In phase 1 you will fight against Kyra and Signe but also handle mechanics from Val´kyrs that casts abilities on the platform.

Kyra abilities and tactics

Unending Strike (tank)

  • Every 7 sec, Kyra Slash the tank and puts a stacking debuff on tank that first does very high physical dmg and then 10% increased dmg for 25 sec.
  • A Repeating Slash will do moderate physical dmg on all players for each stack.

Tactics: Unending Strike (tank)

  • Tank swap at 3 stacks of unending Strike.

Echolocation - Formless Mass

  • Spawns an add.
  • This add casts Siphon Vitality that can be interrupted.
  • The Siphon Vitality does moderate Shadow dmg to all players and heals the bosses for the same amount it did dmg.

Tactics: Echolocation - Formless Mass

  • Full nuke the add directly when it spawns and interrupt it.
  • If possible, pull the add to the boss for cleave dmg on boss.

Wings of Rage

  • When reaching 100 energy
  • Pulls players to her for 7 sec.
  • Any player within her circle will take deadly physical dmg and a 10 sec stun.

Tactics: Wings of Rage

  • Run away from the circle around the boss when she casts this.

Signe abilities and tactics

Reverberating Refrain

  • When reaching 100 energy
  • Pushes all players away for 7 sec
  • If a player is not inside her circle, the player takes deadly shadow dmg and a 6 sec fear.

Tactics: Reverberating Refrain

  • Run inside Signe´s circle before 7 sec passes.

Song of Dissolution

  • Sings that does low dmg every 1 sec for 5 sec and stacks every 6 sec.
  • Can be interrupted.

Tactics: Song of Dissolution

  • Must Interrupt this. But make sure you have players that interrupts different things so you don’t miss other interrupts.

Soulful Blast

  • Blasts her target with moderate shadow dmg.
  • Can be interrupted.

Tactics: Soulful Blast

  • Interrupt this but lowest prio. But make sure you have players that interrupts different things because some abilities are more important to have CD ready for interrupt, such as the add that spawns.

Call of the Val´kyr

There are six other Val´kyrs that will spawn one at a time and do an ability on the platform that players must handle.

A Val´kyr spawns every time Skyja reaches 100 energy. In phase 1 you don´t fight Skyja until the end of that phase, but you can still see her health bar on the UI.

Agatha: Eternal Blade

  • Several straight lines on the platform that will do dmg some sec after they spawn.
  • Does very high physical dmg and knockback.


  • Dodge them and focus on survival before doing dmg/heal.
  • They are very similar to the blade lines in Sire Denathrius fight.

Aradne: Falling Strike

  • Marks 4 locations on the platform.
  • After 8 sec, she strikes those locations.
  • Does high Shadow dmg on each location.
  • If no player is struck on a location, she will instead do very high Shadow dmg to each player.


  • Have a player standing on each marked location before she strikes them.
  • Use a defensive before standing on it.
  • See the image on how the markings are placed. It is always the same.

Daschla: Mighty Impact

  • Targets several players and after some seconds she hit them with a big blow.
  • Does very high Shadow dmg to player and anyone within 20 yards.


  • Run away from raid when targeted.

Annhylde: Bright Aegis

  • Puts a protection shield around her allies for 40 sec.
  • This does 90% reduced dmg.


  • Tanks, move the boss away from the shield.

Brynja: Mournful Dirge

  • Puts a debuff on random players.
  • Does low shadow dmg every 1 sec for 6 sec and passes to the next player when expired if a player is within 5 yards.


  • Stay spread when having the debuff

Arthura: Crushing Gaze

  • Puts a debuff on a random player.
  • After 8 sec she slams the ground and do overkill frost dmg but divided evenly between all players within 8 yards.


  • Hard stack on the player with the debuff to share the dmg.
  • The targeted player runs to melee for stacking.

Phase 2

Skyja comes out as soon as one of the 2 bosses reaches 15% health.

Skyja´s energy bar gets reduced by 50% from what it was before she came out to the fight.

Make sure that the 2 bosses have approximately 15% at the same time before Skyja comes out.

Bloodlust/Timewarp/Heroism when Skyja enters and kill the other 2 bosses fast so you will have her alone as soon as possible.

This boss has 3 abilities in normal mode and 2 more are added on heroic mode (Link Essence and Word of Recall).

Fragments of Destiny

3 Random players gets a debuff that does low Frost dmg every 1 sec.

When dispelled, the debuff will jump to the nearest player.

If all fragments are on the same player, they are removed to form a Shard of Destiny that creates a pool on the platform. This pool does moderate frost dmg every 1 sec and reduces movement speed by 50%.

Tactics: Fragments of Destiny

  • Have a marker on the edge of the platform.
  • All players with debuff runs there.
  • Healers dispell (mass dispell) them.
  • When dispelled, run away from there.
  • The last player there will create the pool and then run away.
  • Next time players get the debuff, they run next to the first pool that was created on the right side of it, and do the same thing.
  • Next time players get the debuff, they run next to the second pool that was created on the right side of it, and do the same thing.
  • In this way you will have pools on the sides of the platform.
  • Healers beware of the dmg as well.

Word of Recall (Heroic)

  • Skyja will create the same ability that the last Val´kyr did.

Tactics: Word of Recall (Heroic)

  • The tactic is based on what Val´kyr that did her ability. See “Call of the Val´kyr”.

Link Essence (Heroic)

  • Skya links players souls together.

If any of the linked players take dmg, the dmg spread split to all other linked players.

Tactics: Link Essence (Heroic)

  • Healers beware.

Pierce Soul (tank)

  • Skyja does very high physical dmg on main tank.
  • This hit puts a stacking debuff that reduces the players movement speed by 10% and healing received by 10% for 30 sec.

Tactics. Pierce Soul (tank)

  • Tank swap every 30 sec when debuff expires.


  • Skyja does low raid dmg every 1 sec for 6 sec to all players.

Tactics: Resentment

  • Healers beware.

Call of the Val´kyr

  • Same as phase 1, we will have a Val´kyr spawned when Skyja reaches 100 energy.
    See above for more info.

When to Bloodlust/Timewarp/Heroism

  • When Skyja comes out and the other 2 bosses is at 15% health.
  • Burn them down so you can start alone with Skyja asap.


22 May 2021